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Recent News

  • Feb 15

    CVM Establishes Auburn Veterinary Academy for In-Depth, Intensive CE

    The College of Veterinary Medicine has created the Auburn University Veterinary Academy, an inaugural program dedicated to providing the highest standard of veterinary medical education for veterinary practitioners and alumni via opportunities for professional development through high-quality, practical continuing education. The academy has been designed for practitioners seeking in-depth, intensive continuing education experiences. Members of […]

  • Feb 12

    Vapor Wake® Trained Dog Most Advanced Real-Time Mobile Detection System

    Man’s best friend has long been known as the perfect companion. In exchange for food, water and a pat on the head, a dog will love and defend its owner. Pioneering research begun 16 years ago at the College of Veterinary Medicine has led to patented technology to prove that the ”Auburn Dog” is the […]

  • Feb 12

    Treatment for Devastating Neurodegenerative Disease Nears Reality with Human, Animal Research Team

    An effective treatment for a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease may soon be in human clinical trials through pioneering advances in gene therapy and molecular medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine and in partnership with human medical researchers in the U.S. and across the globe. Researchers at the college’s Scott-Ritchey Research Center and UMass […]

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