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2013 Staff Recognition Awards

5th Annual CVM Staff Recognition Awards Ceremony

Staff and Administrative employees were recently recognized by Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine for their dedicated work and support of the college.

A total of seven Auburn University employees were honored – five receiving Staff Recognition Awards, one given the Dean’s Award and one who was received the Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award.

Recognizing that faculty and administrative employees are vital to the college’s success in educating students, animal health care and research initiatives, an employee committee was created of faculty and staff to thank employees who consistently and consciously go beyond their normal work activities in support of the college.

The program also recognized employee’s longevity service to Auburn and the university’s Spirit of Excellence Award winner from the college.

The Staff Recognition Awards were given to: Sharron Barney, Clinical Sciences; Amy Bylsma, Dean’s office; Derrick Calloway, Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology; Lori Carden, Pathobiology; and Lynda King, recently retired from Pathobiology.

The Dean’s Award, given to a non-CVM employee who performs duties for the college, was awarded to Raymond Anderson of the Facilities Division at Auburn University. Anderson, who is retiring at the end of August, is a painter and has worked diligently on a number of projects in the CVM to ensure a welcoming atmosphere.

The Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award was given to Nancy Morrison, research associate at the Scott-Ritchey Research Center at the College of Veterinary Medicine. The award is given to honor a staff or administrative CVM employee whose contributions reflect the character, virtue and attributes of Czerkawski, who passed away in 2009.

Staff Recognition Awards

Barney serves as the principle research technician in a series of cardiovascular and respiratory research projects performed by the faculty of the Department of Clinical Sciences for more than eight  years.

“In recognizing outstanding staff, I believe we should look to people who just simply make it work smoothly, both personally and professionally,” said Dr. Ray Dillon, who nominated Barney for the award. “I can think of no one who has been more deserving and represents Auburn University in an effort which should be recognized”

“Amy made a quiet but critical contribution to operational infrastructure at AUCVM during the recent period of changing leadership in the dean's office,” said Dr. Fred Hoerr, who previously served as interim dean and nominated Bylsma for the award. “She cares deeply for the college and all who pass through the halls, be it for a day or a career.”

For 28 years, Calloway has performed his duties as the Anatomy Laboratory technician, an extremely demanding position, where he is responsible for maintaining the daily operations of our anatomy teaching laboratory and assuring the preparation of outstanding teaching specimens.

“His contributions are critical to the teaching mission of our College and the success of our teaching program depends heavily on his expertise and hard work,” said Dr. Elaine Coleman, who nominated Calloway. “With his efforts, we have one of the most outstanding anatomy laboratories in the country.”

Carden “completes the tasks that fall within her purview with efficiency, excellence and cheerfulness … (and) reaches above and beyond with no other goal than to lift up the organization for which she works,” said Dr. Jey Koehler, who nominated Carden for the Staff Award. “Her intelligence and input have been and continue to be a vital and highly valued component of many new projects (in Pathobiology).”

King recently retired after more than 30 years at Auburn. “As office manager, (she has been) the ‘go to’ person for all things administration,” said Dr. Bernhard Kaltenboeck. “This is a job with tremendous responsibilities … and also an eminently thankless job being wedged between administrators and personnel. Lynda’s recognition has been long overdue.”

The Dean’s Award

The 2013 Dean’s Award was given to Raymond Anderson of Auburn’s Facilities Division. The Dean’s Award goes to an Auburn employee who does not work for the College of Veterinary Medicine but performs duties for the college. Anderson was nominated by Dr. Charles Hendrix for his diligence to ensure the college has a welcoming atmosphere.

 “When a painting facelift is truly needed, Auburn University Facilities Division sends the crème de la crème of its workforce – the painters,” Dr. Hendrix said. “I love to see these men come to our academic home to paint – they are all true gentlemen with such wonderful manners and talents.

“There is one individual, however, who has demonstrated meticulous painting skills along with outgoing interpersonal skills – a true joy of life,” Dr. Hendrix said of Anderson. “Raymond does superb work with meticulous attention to detail. His care of all our veterinary family produces a well decorated, welcoming atmosphere for all who work here and for our college’s visitors. The College of Veterinary Medicine would be a very drab place were it not for the efforts of Mr. Raymond and his cohorts from the Facilities Division paint shop.”

The Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award

Nancy Morrison, research associate at the Scott-Ritchey Research Center at the College of Veterinary medicine, was honored with the Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award.

The award is given to honor a staff or administrative College of Veterinary Medicine employee whose contributions reflect the character, virtue and attributes of Czerkawski, who passed away in 2009.

This nomination is long overdue as Nancy has been a loyal, dedicated, caring and concerned co-worker since day one,” said Atoska Gentry, a research assistant and colleague at Scott-Ritchey who nominated Morrison for the award.

“She is very resourceful and continuously called upon by many principal investigators, graduate students, students and fellow colleagues,” Gentry said. “She's definitely a team player who gladly accepts and welcomes the challenges of scientific advancements and technology.”

Morrison has been very active within the college, serving on the Staff Advisory Committee for a number of years, is an active participant, supporter and encourager for the CVM Fitness Program, and has participated with the SRRC Food Bank Volunteer efforts and assists with set up of college holiday functions.

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