Applying to the Professional D.V.M. Program

Application Information

Application:   The deadline for applications for Fall 2014 is noon (CST) on October 1, 2014.  All applicants must apply through VMCAS. 

That application can be found at:

Letters of Recommendation: Three electronic evaluations are required, one from a veterinarian, one from an employer (who may but does not have to be a 2nd veterinarian), and one should be from an academician (major professor or advisor).

Supplemental Application

The supplemental application is now available at this time. Application deadline is October 1st, 2014.

Residency Implications

Residency implications: Alabama residents receive priority for 40 - 41 positions in each class. Auburn contracts with Kentucky for 34 - 40 positions and 40 non-resident students are accepted. Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine does not offer admission to international students or transfer students from another College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • ALABAMA STUDENTS: A person who is a citizen of the United States, or a resident alien, and who has resided and had habitation, home, and permanent abode in the State of Alabama for at least 12 months immediately preceding current registration is considered an Alabama Resident. In applying this regulation, "applicant" means a person applying for admission to the institution, if applicant is married or greater than or equal to 19 years of age, and financially independent. Otherwise, it shall mean parent(s), or legal guardian of the student. If the parents are divorced, residence will be determined by the residency of the parent to whom the court has granted custody. For additional information or to ask specific questions, contact the Auburn University Registrar's Office

  • KENTUCKY STUDENTS: Please contact your Kentucky pre-veterinary advisors before October 1 to document your Kentucky residency.  If you have questions, please contact the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (KCPE) at (502) 573-1555. 

Accepted Students

Applicants who are accepted are required to submit the official application for admission to Auburn University.  Students who are offered admission and who have not previously attended Auburn University or Auburn University at Montgomery are also required to submit a university processing fee of $50.00 along with the application for admission to the university. 

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