Equine Theriogenology

About the Service

The Equine Theriogenology service provides care and management of all aspects of assisted equine reproduction. The service operates at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Equine Reproduction Center.

What We Do

Services include embryo transfer (including recipient mares), management of the stallion and mare, diagnostic reproduction evaluations, breeding soundness examinations, semen collection and shipment, surrogate mares (nurse mares) for orphaned foals, and treatment of the sub-fertile mare and stallion. The Equine Reproduction Center also stands stallions for breeding to outside mares. The Center offers monitoring of foaling for high risk mares and uses the FoAlert® birth monitoring system. Additionally, the Center offers an endometrial biopsy service for referring veterinarians that includes examination of biopsy samples and clinical consultation.

Who We Are

The Equine Theriogenology service is composed of two faculty who are board certified specialists in veterinary reproduction that work exclusively on the equine and companion animal reproduction services. Additionally, the service has two resident veterinarians who are training to become specialists. The service has one dedicated veterinary technician who assists the veterinarians and senior level veterinary students manage the service.


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