April-May 2012

Dr. Dwight Wolfe Named as Auburn University Distinguished Veterinary Alum

The College of Veterinary Medicine has named three of its graduates as 2012 Wilford S. Bailey Distinguished Alumni in honor of their contributions to animal welfare, the profession, and their communities.

Dwight F. Wolfe, H.B. “Woody” Bartlett of Pike Road, Ala., and William Mack Burriss of Anderson, S.C., are the recipients.  The awards were presented May 8 during the college’s graduation ceremony held at the Auburn Arena. 

In 2011 Dr. Wolfe, a food animal professor, received the David E. Bartlett Award for his contributions to theriogenology. In 2010 he received the College of Veterinary Medicine Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence and in 2009 the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association presented him their Distinguished Service Award, the association’s highest honor. He was inducted into the Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame in 2006 and named Alabama Veterinarian of the Year in 2004. The D.F. Wolfe Food Animal Barn on the veterinary campus is dedicated in his name.

Dr. Wolfe obtained his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Auburn in 1977 and his M.S. in large animal surgery and medicine in 1982. He became a diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists in 1983. Wolfe is one of only four diplomates who have served as president of both the American College of Theriogenologists and the Society of Theriogenology.

AURIC Scientists to Test Anti-Tumor Properties of New Drug

The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and Nuovo Biologics, a biotechnology company, have announced a collaborative research agreement to study a new anti-cancer drug which also has antiviral properties.

Scientists with the Auburn University Research Initiative in Cancer at the College of Veterinary Medicine will be working with Nuovo Biologics to examine the anti-tumor properties of this new drug. These studies will look at the drug from the perspective of its interactions with cells, as well as in clinical trials in dogs with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer. Preliminary studies have shown that the drug appears to be safe, with no side effects and active against a wide variety of viruses.

“This agreement exemplifies how Auburn University scientists, working with biotech and pharmaceutical industries, can provide expertise to move exciting new discoveries from the laboratory into the clinic,” said AURIC director Dr. Bruce Smith.

The Auburn University Research Initiative in Cancer, or AURIC, embodies the “One Medicine” concept which links human, animal and environmental health and where discoveries in one species advance health in all species. For more information on the initiative, go to http://auriconline.org/.

Nuovo Biologics, LLC is a Florida-based animal health company dedicated to the development of drugs, biologics and supplements to enhance animal health and wellness.

Veterinary Parasitology Specialty Recognized— Auburn Faculty Among the First Honored

The executive board of the American Veterinary Medical Association has granted provisional recognition for the veterinary parasitology specialty under the auspices of the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists (ACVM). 

David G. Pugh, D.V.M., is one of approximately 20 veterinary parasitologists designated as charter members of ACVM. Pugh is now board-certified in three AVMA recognized specialties – along with ACVM, he is a diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists and the American College of Veterinary Nutritionists. 

Pugh is a veterinarian with the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Equine Source Plasma Program. Kenny Brock, D.V.M., director of the program recently presented Pugh (shown left) with a plaque noting his ACVM-Parasitology diplomate status.

Distinguished University Professor Byron L. Blagburn is named as an honorary diplomate of ACVM-Parasitology. Honorary diplomate status is based on “unquestioned eminence in veterinary microbiology.” Blagburn is one of five parasitologists approved by the ACVM executive board this first year.

Blagburn instructs first-, third-, and fourth-year students, directs graduate student research, serves as director of the clinical parasitology diagnostic laboratory, and oversees a research program which focuses on parasite-induced diseases of companion animals.

Wilborn and Rodning Named 2012 Young Achievers

The College of Veterinary Medicine presented the 2012 Young Achiever awards on April 13 during the 105th Annual Conference. 

The awards are given to one or more members of Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine class celebrating its tenth anniversary. Nominees are known for their accomplishments in veterinary medicine, their outstanding community service, and for their advancement of animal health.

Two class of 2002 members who received Young Achiever awards are CVM faculty members:

Board-certified in theriogenology, Dr. Robyn Wilborn serves as an assistant professor in Auburn’s Large Animal Teaching Hospital and as co-director of the Equine Reproduction Center.

Dr. Soren Rodning is extension veterinarian and an assistant professor with the College of Agriculture. He recently served a year-long deployment in Afghanistan as part of the 358thMedical Detachment (Veterinary Services). 

Dr. Linda Martin Named P.B. Griffin Distinguished Professor

The Office of the Provost has approved Dr. Linda Martin to receive the P.B. Griffin Professorship in Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Dougie Macintire previously held the endowed professorship established by Joyce and the late Gary Griffin of Huntsville in memory of their bulldog P.B. This professorship is one of two created by the Griffin family.

Dr. Martin is an associate professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences.

CVM Orientation

Attending the CVM May 2 orientation session were: front row, Brandy Brunson, lecturer, Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology; and Robbie Lynn Burnett, anesthesia tech, Clinical Sciences. Back row, Kelley Prickett, info tech specialist, Information and Instructional Technology; Cedric Gaffney, animal care attendant, Scott-Ritchey Research Center; William (Webb) Bush, inventory clerk, Clinical Sciences; and Haden Smith, surgery tech, Clinical Sciences. 

Waste Less, Recycle More! – Vet Med’s New Recycling Program

The Auburn University Waste Reduction and Recycling Department is distributing new recycling bins on our campus. The Campus Building Recycling Guide explains the program in detail. The new program requires the separation of materials instead of mixing all recycling in one bin. 

  • Blue desk-side bins are for mixed paper ONLY. The label on the bin lists acceptable types of paper. 
  • Slim-jim bins are centrally located on each floor for recycling plastic bottles (types #1 & #2 only), and aluminum/steel/tin cans.  Please empty containers before placing them in the bin (caps are okay). 
  • Cardboard boxes can be flattened and placed beside a bin for pickup by the custodial crew. 
  • Please bag all shredded paper.

The Centaur custodial crew will service the desk-side bins daily (separately from trash) and the slim-jim bins as they fill.  In each office, trash bins should have a black bag and the blue mixed paper recycling bin should have no bag.  There are centralized 95-gallon bins outside where the custodial crew will bring the material when they remove it from the building.  The recycling staff services the outdoor bins on a weekly schedule.

Questions and comments regarding the recycling program are welcome – please email aureuse@auburn.edu or call 844-9461.

Healthy Tigers – Summer Exercise Classes

The CVM exercise program provides a 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. yoga class with Dr. Wadsworth every Monday and Thursday in Overton Auditorium.  It’s a great way to relax/stretch/take a mental break. Mats are provided if you don’t have your own.  

In promoting the philosophy of being a Healthy Tiger, you are encouraged to take a look at the Campus Recreation Summer Group Fitness Class Schedule. These classes are not only for students, but Auburn University employees as well. The fees to participate are minimal. Classes are held in the Student Activities Center in Room 205 or Room 207B. 

Construction Update

Client Parking

The half circle in front of Greene Hall is now client parking. To avoid tickets from Parking Services, please remind your guests and visitors to park in the large student parking lot or other designated areas. 

Overton Exterior

Roof work continues with an estimated finish date around June 1.

Overton Interior

Painted areas will be skimmed and wall coverings reapplied.  A recent meeting with engineers and contractors regarding the boiler revealed improperly located control set points.  These will be corrected which will lower the boiler pressure and prevent valve pop off. 


Contractors are removing underground water lines, sidewalks, and light poles, and digging out the lower level. Results from the diesel soil samples were positive which means another 100 to 150 cubic yards of soil will need to be removed and retested. Major coordination of activities will be needed when the crane arrives for placement around May 29.  A crane will be erected around May 29.  This is an extremely dangerous activity and will necessitate the closure of the pedestrian walkway for approximately three days.  More information will follow.

Additional Parking Areas

Three additional parking areas are in progress.  This will result in approximately 20 spaces. 

Upcoming Events

June 8

  • Staff Appreciation Awards Nomination Deadline

          Vet Med Employees Recognized for Service

          Auburn University and the Human Resources Department sponsored the 2012 Employee Recognition Program on May 14 at the Student Center. President Jay Gogue presented service awards in recognition of long term employment at Auburn University. Many employees of the College of Veterinary Medicine were recognized including retirees and Karlyn Browning (photographed in her engraved rocking chair) for her 40 years of service.


          • Denise Kalan, 5 years
          • Tara Lanier, 5 years
          • Benjamin Rice, 5 years
          • Kris Street, 10 years

          Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology

          • Crisanta Cruz-Espindola, 5 years
          • John Dennis, 10 years
          • Barbara Steele, retired 12/01/2011
          • Karen Wolfe, retired 02/01/2011
          • James Sartin, retirement date 09/01/2012

          Animal Health and Performance

          • Karen Galik, 10 years
          • Robert Leonard, 5 years

          Animal Health Research

          • George Fincher, 25 years
          • Patricia Galik, 30 years

          Clinical Sciences

          • Clara Baker, 5 years
          • Benjamin Brown, 5 years
          • Michele Farris Brown, 10 years
          • Karlyn Browning, 40 years
          • Michael Colley, 10 years
          • Helen Gill, 10 years
          • Elizabeth Hodson, 5 years
          • Diana Holley, 10 years
          • Robert Logan, 25 years
          • Kelli Matisak, 5 years
          • Natalie Mills, 5 years
          • Stephanie Mitchell, 5 years
          • Sharon Price, 5 years
          • Melissa Streicher, 5 years
          • David Thornton, 10 years
          • Samantha Thrower, 5 years
          • Leigh Wagner 5 years
          • Janet Wardlow, 10 years
          • Amy Wiley, 5 years

          Instructional and Informational Technology

          • Ashley Burt, 10 years
          • Jason Chavers, 5 years
          • Kelley Clanton, 10 years


          • Cassandra Breedlove-Smith, 5 years
          • Stephen Gulley, 5 years
          • Kevin King, 5 years
          • Natalia Petrenko, 10 years
          • Elizabeth Whatley, 30 years
          • Denise Williams, 5 years

          Scott-Ritchey Research Center

          • Sherry Compton, 5 years
          • Misako Hwang, 25 years
          • Regina Williams, 5 years

          Students Log 3,000 Hours Viewing Lectures

          The College of Veterinary Medicine uses Panopto software to capture lectures. According to IIT Director Ashley Burt, based on the Panopto usage report Auburn Vet Med students spent nearly 3,000 hours watching lectures online during spring semester.  Burt also reported the most reviewed lectures for 2012.



          • 758.78 hours
          • 153 lectures recorded


          • 1,555.73 hours                          
          • 266 lectures recorded


          • 681.22 hours                           
          • 128 lectures recorded


          2,995.73 hours viewed

          547 lectures recorded

          2012 Most Reviewed Lectures

          • Freshman - Diagnostic Imaging 04/04/12 – Echocardiography

          • Sophomore - Cardio 01/13/12 – Travis mediastinal tumor, Otis brain tumor, Mattie heart failure

          • Junior - Oncology 01/17/12 – CKI tumor suppressor, discovery of dominant oncogenes

          Congratulations to...

          • Drs. Elizabeth and Marc Caldwell on the arrival of their second daughter, Emma Kate, on May 19.  Upon birth she weighed 7 lbs., 14 oz., and was 20 inches long.
          • Fan Yang (APP) on receiving the Graduate Student Thesis/Dissertation Research Award.
          • Kristina Cammack on becoming a certified histotechnician by meeting the requirements and passing the examination of the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification.  


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