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July 2011

3rd Annual Staff Recognition Awards Presented

The College of Veterinary Medicine presented the third annual Staff and Administration Recognition Awards ceremony on August 3 in Greene Hall. The program’s purpose is to formally recognize outstanding performance and accomplishment by college staff employees, as well as to recognize longevity. Five staff awards, the Dean’s Award, the Czerkawski Award, and awards for longevity were given. 2010-2011 Spirit of Excellence Award recipients, including Bill Lacy, an Auburn University Employee of the Year, were also recognized.

Dr. Charles Hendrix, chair of the 2011 Staff Recognition Awards Committee, and Teri Dunaway, committee member, served as emcees for the event.

Glenn Horne

Clinical Sciences/Anesthesia
Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award

GLENN HORNE is the second recipient of the Deborah Hatch Czerkawski Award. The award was created in 2009 and presented posthumously to Debbie Czerkawski who was an integral part of the clinical pathology lab and the college for eight years. The award is to reflect spirit, enthusiasm, and character.

Glenn Horne served as the entire small animal anesthesia service from 1992 until the college hired anesthesiologist Dr. Jacob Johnson in 2007 and additional anesthesia techs. From fall 2009 to today, Horne, in addition to his role as chief anesthesia tech, fills the full time job of supervisor of surgical services. Since August 2010 Horne has acted as head of small animal anesthesia while Dr. Johnson serves in Afghanistan, therefore working three positions.

“Being the entire anesthesia staff for 15 years is ‘over and above’ in my opinion,” said Dr. Ron Montgomery who presented Horne with the special award. “Glenn assuming the additional responsibility of a full time supervisor surgical services position and filling the anesthesiologist’s leadership role is remarkable. That these areas are functioning better than ever is extraordinary.” [read more]

Kaye Storey

Staff Recognition Award

KAYE STOREY is coordinator of admissions/student services in the Office of Academic Affairs. Her performance skills in efficiency, productivity, client services, management, organization, and communication are the reasons why she is recognized. 

Dr. Juming Zhong, an associate professor in Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology (APP) presented Storey with her award. For the past two years he has served on the college’s Admissions/Standards Committee and has worked with her. “I am so impressed by her outstanding performance for the admissions process,” said Dr. Zhong. “As an admissions coordinator, she takes care of all the application documents for more than 800 candidates each year. She also keeps communications with each candidate and arranges interview schedules for more than 300 candidates.” [read more]

Donna Shiver

Staff Recognition Award

A medical lab technologist, DONNA SHIVER is a member of the Clinical Pathology Laboratory. Shiver is responsible for performing all laboratory tests, maintenance of specific lab instruments, maintenance and interpretation of control data and issues, and entering data into the teaching hospital’s management system (UVIS). Shiver is noted as having exceptionally high standards for performance of all her responsibilities. “She has a ‘sixth sense’ as to the flow of work through the lab and where she is most capable of being helpfully productive,” said Dr. Elizabeth Welles, director of the Clinical Pathology Laboratory and who presented the award to Shiver. [read more]

Sue Schoonhoven

Staff Recognition Award

For 20 years, SUE SCHOONHOVEN has been an exceptionally reliable, competent, and collegial member of the office staff in the Department of Pathobiology. As an office administrative associate, she coordinates purchasing, accounting, and travel requests. “There are seldom any situations that Sue cannot handle with confidence and ease,” said Acting Dean Calvin Johnson who presented Schoonhoven with the recognition award. “In my experience in working with Sue to develop custom budget reports, sole source justifications for purchasing, and day-to-day updates of research account activity, she has always strived to meet my requests in the most timely and efficient way possible – and the results have been excellent. She has a pleasant and friendly demeanor that instills a strong sense of confidence in her work.” [read more]

Karen Wolfe

Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
Staff Recognition Award

A dedicated staff member for more than 25 years, KAREN WOLFE’s excellent performance in the technically difficult area of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is truly impressive, states Dr. Ed Morrison, head of the Department of Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology and who nominated Wolfe for the staff award. Providing quality TEM observations is challenging, time consuming, and requires a great deal of accuracy and patience. “Karen readily gives of her time and efforts to produce the highest quality science for the PI. That is and has been her ultimate effort,” said Dr. Morrison. [read more]

Kimberly Hand Bryan

Clinical Sciences/Radiology
Staff Recognition Award

KIMBERLY HAND BRYAN, a diagnostic imaging technologist, joined the radiology section eight years ago. “Kim is a registered radiologic technologist who performs diagnostic radiography, CT scans, and MR imaging studies. She continually seeks to improve her skills. She is registered both as a diagnostic radiologic technologist and a mammographer,” said Betty Files, chief radiologic technologist and a 2010 staff recognition award winner who nominated Bryan. “Continuing education is required by our registry, but we are not allowed to use veterinary C.E. to fulfill this requirement, so Kim keeps up with her C.E. by attending ‘human’ conferences and uses directed readings and subsequent testing to fulfill her commitment to her profession.” [read more]

Colleen Daly

Graduate Student, Department of Health and Human Performance
Dean's Award 

COLLEEN DALY, a graduate student in Health and Human Performance in the Department of Kinesiology and the primary instructor for the college’s faculty-staff fitness program, is the recipient of the Dean’s Award. This award recognizes individuals who are not full-time employees of the College of Veterinary Medicine or Auburn University, yet provide exemplary service to the college.

“Colleen is a shining example of an Auburn employee, who while not directly employed by the College of Veterinary Medicine, helps make the college a better, more enjoyable, place to work,” said Dr. Bruce Smith. [read more]

Employees Honored for Service

University Staff and Administrative Professional employees were recognized for landmark years of service at the May 26 Employee Recognition Program. These employees were honored at the college on August 3 during the staff recognition awards ceremony. See attached PDF for those receiving awards for longevity. 

Nominations Sought for Spirit of Excellence Award

Do you know a fellow Auburn employee whose performance is consistently beyond what is expected? One who exemplifies professionalism and routinely puts forth extra effort? One whose contribution to the department's or university's mission is significant? If so, that person would be a perfect nominee for Auburn's monthly Spirit of Excellence award.

The Department of Human Resources is seeking nominations for employees from each of the following employment groups: Service and Maintenance, Secretarial and Clerical, Technical and Paraprofessional, and Administrative and Professional. To nominate an employee, a form must be completed and sent to:

  • Spirit of Excellence Award
  • Dept. of Human Resources
  • 332 Foy Hall

For more information, contact Sonya Dixon at 844-7612 or

Spirit of Excellence Winner

Emily Dean, a research assistant II in Administration, is a Spirit of Excellence winner for April. Each month Auburn presents the awards to four employees for outstanding service. Congratulations, Emily!

Welcome to our 2011-12 Residents and Interns

Our residents, front row, left to right: Dr. Janet Grimes (SA Surgery), Dr. Ashley Durrance  (SA Emergency and Critical Care), Dr. Fernanda Cesar (LA Medicine),  Dr. Kendon Kuo (SA Emergency and Critical Care), and Dr. Vicky Payne (Radiology). Second row: Dr. Valeria Albanese (LA Surgery), Dr. Wesley Campbell (SA Oncology), Dr. Eileen Jenkins (SA Medicine), Dr. Charles Aldridge (SA Medicine), Dr. Michael Miller (Theriogenology), and Dr. Jenna Bayne (FA Medicine).

Our interns, left to right: Dr. Jessica Dearmon, Dr. Yu Ueda, Dr. Jennifer Ottmann, Dr. Megan Sutton, Dr. Jenny Furth Dr. Nick De Pompa , and Dr. Ashley Miller.

CVM Construction Update

Overton Exterior

Three sets of stairs will connect the floors and the first one is to arrive August 19. The slab pour for two levels of the new addition is complete.  All overhead MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) for the first floor has begun.  The interior door frames and doors have been received and will be installed.  Metal studs are being installed.  Underway is the roof insulation on the old section and roof trusses for the new section.

Overton Interior

The chair rail is being re-sanded back and a new stain applied.  The previous stain showed brush strokes and didn't allow the wood grain to show.  Baseboards are being installed.  Chandelier heights have been adjusted.  The main stairwell has been repainted but no sandblasting was done to prevent paint chipping.  Blinds will be rehung after sanding is complete. 


Stage wall has been painted.  The screen and curtains are hung.

Equine Induction

Overhead rough-in is complete. Still waiting for the monorail.

Research Barn

The brick work cannot begin until the flashing is received. Delivery of windows is two weeks out - this  prohibits Sheetrock application due to moisture.

Brick is being installed on the building and transformer enclosure.  An in-wall rough-in inspection occurs August 11.  It will be at least two weeks before windows and transformer arrive.  

Congratulations to...

  • Dr. Tekla Lee-Fowler (Clinical Sciences) who joined the college as an assistant professor of internal medicine on July 1.
  • Dr. Cinzia Mastrorilli (Pathobiology) who was appointed to the position of instructor on July 15.
  • Dr. Manuel Chamorro (Clinical Sciences) who began as instructor of food animal medicine on July 15.
  • Dr. Trent Stephens (Clinical Sciences) who began as instructor of orthopedic surgery on July 15.
  • Dr. Satyanarayana Pondugula (Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology) who joined the college as an assistant professor on August 1.

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