Bacteriology & Mycology


Bacterial (aerobic)

     With identification of 1–2 organisms $23.00
     Each additional identification $6.00
Bacterial (anaerobic)  
     With identification of 1-2 organisms $20.00
     Each additional identification $6.00
Blood Culture $13.00
Fecal Culture (Salmonella spp. screen only) $17.00
Fecal Culture (Campylobacter spp. screen only) $17.00
Fecal Culture (for Salmonella spp. and other fecal pathogens) $23.00
Strangles Screen (Streptococcus equi ssp. equi) $14.00
Fungal Culture – Deep systemic * $14.00
Fungal Culture – Dermatophyte $12.00
Mycobacterium Culture * $12.00
Mycoplasma Culture $17.00
Antimicrobial susceptibilities

Antimicrobial susceptibility per isolate


Individual drug susceptibility, broad range MIC $15.00
Resistant panel per isolate, broad range MIC $35.00
Fungal susceptibility *
Mycobacterium susceptibility *
Microscopic Exams (when ordered without a culture)
Gram stain $6.00
Fungal preparation (KOH) $6.00
Dermatophilosis smear $8.00
Acid Fast stain $14.00
Brucella canis Serology (RSAT) $16.00
 Cryptococcal Antigen Latex Agglutination $13.00
Toxin Tests 
Clostridium perfringens Toxin Test $30.00
Clostridium difficle Toxin Test $30.00
Transport Kits
Kit 1: Four Port-A-Cul tubes for solids. $25.00
Kit 2: Four Port-A-Cul vials for fluids. $25.00
Kit 3: Combo Pack - Two Port -A-Cul tubes and two vials. $25.00
Kit 4: Four blood culture bottles $30.00
 * Please contact laboratory for additional information.  

Submission Form

Holiday Schedule

Auburn University will be closed December 20 through January 5th

The Bacteriology & Mycology laboratory will be fully operational throughout the holiday. 

Due to limitations in courier services, please contact the laboratory directly (334-844-2658) to arrange an alternative address for mailings and to discuss any questions you may have regarding your results.

Laboratory Hours

  • Monday – Friday          
  • 7:45 - 4:45 CST
  • Saturday, Sunday        
  • available upon request, contact lab prior to submission.
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