Canine Breeding and Development

We know what it takes for dogs to optimally perform; it begins with breeding and development. A five phase approach is used in our breeding and development program.

Phase I: Our breeding program selects only the finest dogs from the top sporting and detection dog blood lines.

Phase II: We use sound theriogenology practices to enhance and promote optimal environments for breeding and development. This includes optimal care, nutrition, and preparation of the female as it is vital to successfully develop the fetus and rearing of the puppies.

Phase III: Once our puppies can safely move around on their own, we immediately begin training and testing them to identify characteristics and abilities. Training and conditioning is done in the early development stages to enhance motor skills and problem solving abilities. In addition, our dogs receive the best veterinary care and nutrition available from one of the premier veterinary colleges in the country.

Phase IV: Twelve weeks to one year old, our dogs are placed in facilities where they are cared for and worked with around the clock. In this phase, the dogs are further conditioned, trained, socialized, and their strengths and weaknesses are continuously evaluated.

Phase V: Dogs that have completed one year in Phase IV undergo a series of physical fitness, psychological, veterinary, and other tests to determine if they are eligible to enter CDRI’s detection dog program. Once the dogs are accepted into the program, they are re-evaluated for certain characteristics and placed in specific programs to be developed for the specific needs of our clients.

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