Equine C.E. - One-On-One Sabbaticals

Did you know the Equine Section offers one-on-one C.E. opportunities to suit your individual needs? Below are popular topics offered by each discipline. If your area of interest is not listed, contact us and we will tailor something especially for you.

College of Veterinary Medicine
Large Animal Teaching Hospital

Equine Theriogenology

  • Semen evaluation and interpretation
  • Semen cryopreservation
  • Techniques for processing and shipping the subfertile stallion
  • Minimum contamination breeding techniques for optimal management of the broodmare
  • Equine embryo transfer

Theriogenology: Dr. Aime
Johnson, (
Dr. Robyn Wilborn, (

Equine Medicine

  • Ultrasonography labs (bring your machine or use ours) Endoscopy (upper airway, guttural pouches, cystoscopy, gastroscopy) 
  • Fluid therapy for foals and adults, neonatology Trans-tracheal wash, bronchoalveolar lavage, urinary and jugular catheters
  • Management of diarrhea, liver disease, neurologic disease

Equine Medicine: Dr. Allison
Stewart (

Equine Podiatry

  • Techniques for radiographic imaging and interpretation
  • Performing and evaluating venograms
  • Implementation of an effective treatment plan based on imaging results
  • Padding and casting alternatives for laminitis, white line disease and navicular disease
  • Distal limb/hoof dissection lab including tenotomy, neurectomy, joint injections, hoof wall resections, or other procedures 
  • Innovative shoeing techniques and barefoot hoof care

Equine Podiatry: Dr. Debra Taylor

Equine Surgery

  • Ultrasonography of tendons and joints
  • Techniques for nerve and joint injections
  • Clinical observations and rounds participation for a day
  • Dental exam and therapies

Surgery and Critical Care: Dr. Reid
Hanson (

Critical Care

  • Management of colic in the field: Optimizing outcome
  • Trauma: Techniques for musculoskeletal stabilization and pain management
  • Blood transfusions: A How-To
  • Advanced fluid therapy:beyond crystalloids
  • Large animal emergency rescue
  • Methods and therapies for burns and thermal injuries

Critical Care: Dr. Amy Munsterman

Equine Anesthesia

  • Short-term injectable field anesthesia
  • Inhalation anesthesia with sevoflurane
  • Use and maintenance of anesthetic machine and monitoring equipment

Anesthesia: Dr. Hui-Chu Lin

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