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Who will be treating my animal?
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Date: 10/24/2012 11:10 am
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You patient care team team is led by faculty clinicians and comprised of residents, interns, registered veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, client services staff, and senior veterinary students. 

Veterinary students will generally record the medical history and perform a physical examination on your animal before you meet the attending veterinarian, who may repeat the physical examination and request additional information. 

Your primary care or family veterinarian is key in teaming with our staff as partners in the care of your animal. Your primary veterinarian is often the first line of defense in recognizing or diagnosing changes in your animal health, and can provide important medical history, diagnostic results and an overall description of your animal's health before arrival to our hospital.  We communicate with them before, during and after your pet’s visit or hospitalization at Auburn's Veterinary Teaching Hospital. 

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