Equine Internal Medicine Services

Equine Neonatal Medicine
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If a foal appears weak, depressed, has decreased nursing, is lame, has swollen joints, a fever, diarrhea, or colic then it requires immediate veterinary attention. With rapid and intensive care, sick foals have an excellent survival rate. At Auburn we have a wonderful team of highly skilled veterinary technicians, senior veterinary students, foal sitters and residents to provide around-the-clock care for sick foals. If needed, they can be fed every hour and given intravenous fluids, antibiotics and other medications. Diagnostics such as ultrasound to examine the umbilicus or radiographs to look for joint problems or angular limb deformities are also available.  Our internal medicine specialists, critical care specialists, and surgeons work together to ensure all foals receive the best possible care. 

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