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Equine Ophthalmology
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Date: 6/6/2012 8:42 am
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Horses commonly have problems with their eyes: tearing, discharge, pain, ulcers, equine recurrent uveitis (moon blindness), just to name a few.  These problems are often managed with topical medications and clear up quickly, but sometimes eye problems become more complicated. The Auburn internal medicine service works with our ophthamologists (Dr. Meredith Voyles and Dr. Katie Diehl) to manage horses with eye problems.  Treatment may include placement of a medication delivery system (subpalpebral lavage) for you to treat more easily at home or around the clock care in the hospital by our capable students and technicians to make sure that infections are treated aggressively.  The ophthamologists can also perform surgeries for horses with complicated eye problems such as conjunctival or corneal grafts, cyclosporine implants for uveitis, cataract surgery, and surgical debridement of corneal squamous cell carcinoma. Adjunctive radiation therapy for squamous cell carcinoma is another service provided by Auburn’s board-certified radiologists specializing in radiation therapy.  

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