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Equine Weight Loss
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Date: 6/6/2012 9:00 am
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Weight loss in horses can be a challenging problem to solve.  Many health problems in horses can affect the horse’s appetite or the horse’s ability to use the nutrients from the diet.  The equine internal medicine specialists at Auburn use extensive examinations and diagnostic tests to determine the primary cause for a patient’s weight loss.  Common diagnostic evaluations include physical examination, oral examination, pharyngeal/esophageal/gastric endoscopy, abdominal and thoracic ultrasound examination, abdominocentesis, rectal examination, rectal mucosal biopsy, rebreathing examination, abdominal radiographs, laparoscopy, exploratory celiotomy, glucose absorption testing, intestinal parasite analysis, urinalysis, complete blood count, serum chemistry profile, etc.  Each patient is evaluated and an individual diagnostic plan is outlined to maximize diagnostic outcome.

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