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Job Description



            This exciting new position is being offered in 2014 for the first time.  Below you will find the duties required for this position.  Additionally, at the end of the job description you will find a brief summary of the compensation package offered.



Duties and Requirements of the ABEF Staff  Veterinarian:


            *Provide veterinary medical care as needed for all ABEF raptors & conduct

              monthly medical flock evaluations of the ABEF raptors


            *Provide medical treatment PRN for medical conditions of ABEF raptors

              as well as perform minor surgeries PRN for ABEF raptors


            *Work with and train PRN the ABEF live raptor handler / trainer in the

              area of  non-medical treatments and tasks


            *Give professional lectures during the visitation periods in summer and

              and during the annual Alaska Bald Eagle Festival in November


            *Learn how to handle and train live raptors from tiny screech owls to

              large bald and golden eagles


            *Obtain at least the minimum 500 hours hands on experience with eagles

              and get eagle certified by the ABEF and the USF&WS

              (, see paragraph #3)


            *Learn the duties of the ABEF Raptor Curator well enough to acquire

              that position within three calendar years


            *Keep continuing education and license current & valid at all times

              (Alaska license to practice required)


            *Consult with avian sub-specialist veterinarians regarding raptor care PRN


            *Provide consultation to raptor handlers/rehabilitators in Alaska needing

              consultation for sick or injured raptors


            *Provide triage care for injured and rescued live raptors in the Haines area

            *Assist ABEF Raptor Curator in the education and training of ABEF live

              raptor interns PRN


            *Work with the ABEF Executive Director regarding live raptor programs,

              dedications, research and education PRN


            *Various, non-specific duties associated with veterinary medicine practice


            *Reporting official for first year of contract is the ABEF Raptor Curator; 

              thereafter, reporting official is the ABEF Executive Director

American Bald Eagle Foundation

Dr. Dan Hart, Raptor Curator

Haines, Alaska


Date Posted 4/14/2014 3:45 pm 
Location Haines, Alaska 
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