Associate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Job Description

Operate an effective and productive veterinary medical team, advocating for Pets, educating clients on all aspects of Pet health, ensuring a safe and effective hospital environment, and improving both the medical quality and business performance of the hospital. 

Communicate with the other team members to maintain the flow of patients to maximize quality medical care and productivity. 

Ensure the safety of Pets, clients and team members by utilizing safe restraining techniques, following standard protocols, and maintaining clean, sterile and organized treatment areas, exam rooms and labs. 

Diagnose, treat and control diseases and injuries in Pets; perform surgery on Pets; prescribe and administer drugs and vaccines as appropriate.

Educate clients about preventive care, Pet health needs, any diagnosis or treatment, hospital services and other related information

Ensure patient satisfaction to expand patient base through client referrals. Obtain relevant information and history from clients, and maintain proper and complete medical records. 
Provide professional, efficient and exceptional service including prescribing and administering preventive care for the wellness needs of Pets and diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries of Pets.

Effectively communicates diagnosis and treatment plan to veterinary medical team and client. 
Create a positive professional relationship with associates and customers.

Fully utilize all practice systems (including protocols and medical records) to protect license and improve quality of life for team members, clients and patients.

Ensure all practice policies, protocols and quality assurance guidelines and local, state and federal laws are followed, including proper maintenance of the controlled substance inventory log. 
Clearly understand and deliver hospitals medical standards and ethical practices and ensure hospital team members have been educated and practice within these guidelines. 
Understand and follow state guidelines regarding duties of veterinary assistants and licensed veterinary technicians. 
Other job duties as assigned.

Roxanne Morales

Hospital Manager
Hospital: (956)631-3587
Cell: (956)655-5015

Date Posted 7/12/2013 10:45 am 
Location Texas 
Compensation Salary/Health insurance/401K 
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