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Chief Medical Officer - Veterinarian

Job Description

General Function

The Chief Medical Officer will provide and ensure proper healthcare to dogs, cats and other animals at the shelter.  Responsible for the medical health and well being of sheltered animals, including but not limited to sterilization,  quarantine issues, and ethics of the shelter medical practice.

Directs all veterinary medical care related to shelter animals, implementing practices and protocols related to shelter medicine.


Coordinates and directs the medical operations of the GBHS and ensures sound veterinary medical practices.

  • Makes recommendations and assists Executive Director, Director of Operations and Clinic & Intake Supervisors in the formulation of shelter medical objectives, practices, plans and decisions that influence operations to ensure optimal health of sheltered and recently adopted animals.
  • Supervises the investigation and timely response to medical concerns and complaints from clients’ private veterinarians related to adopted animals. Assists in responding to adoption surveys with medical related concerns.
  • Leads the evaluation and establishment of disease control and medical euthanasia protocols for the shelter.
  • Actively participates as a member of management for the Society by attending strategic planning meetings, staff meetings, and board meetings as directed.
  • Serves as liaison with the local/regional veterinary community, establishes and maintains positive relationships with other veterinary professionals.
  • Works collaboratively with the Director of Operations to ensure proper communication, establish standardized processes, protocols and consistency.
  • Performs the duties of a Staff Veterinarian – including but not limited to:
    • Provides medical services to animals at the GBHS.
    • Conducts physical examinations, diagnostics, and treatment of animals when necessary.
    • Performs sterilization surgeries and other surgical procedures for shelter animals and animals.
    • Conducts medical rounds, performs medical examinations and oversees treatments.
    • Advises, performs or oversees euthanasia performed within the animal shelter.
    • Provides examination, documentation, and expert testimony in cases of animal abuse or neglect.
    • Provides on-call services for shelter animal emergencies when scheduled and during clinic closures.
    • Promotes sterilization animals in an effort to reduce pet-overpopulation.
    • Provides professional credibility to the Society’s endeavor to help animals.
    • Maintains appropriate licensing and completes required continuing education courses.
    • Provides leadership to GBHS personnel.
    • Maintains effective communication with staff through daily contact, in scheduled meetings, informally or in writing, as needed to coordinate and direct medical functions of the shelter and when necessary, the clinic.
    • Participates in the interviewing and hiring decisions for relief veterinarians.
    • Communicates directly with Director of Operations, Clinic Supervisor and Intake Supervisor with regard to quarantine and care of shelter animals.
    • Provides oversight supervision of veterinary surgery assistant(s).
    • Responsible for department staff and actions therein to include recruiting, selection and hiring of new employees; coaching and implementing performance improvement plans or disciplinary actions for employees; terminating employees; training employees and any other supervisory roles as required.
    • Identifies and helps to resolve practice ethics issues.
    • Ensures excellent customer service and a positive experience for our clients. Assists staff in situations requiring immediate problem solving. Promotes good public relations in accordance with GBHS practices; takes control of situations that could be potentially damaging to the professional image of the Society.
    • Informs the Executive Director of developments that may affect GBHS or the department including departmental progress, client concerns, and personnel issues.
    • Oversees the maintenance of drug and supply inventory while meeting and maintaining DEA requirements.
    • Adheres to state and federal regulations as well as organizational protocol regarding animal care, treatment, advocacy and the mission of the Society.
    • Follows all safety guidelines to ensure a safe work environment.
    • Takes immediate action to address any safety concern or noncompliance of safety rules that could put an employee, volunteer, client, animal, or the organization at risk.
    • Performs other duties as assigned by Executive Director.
    • Maintains awareness of industry standards and innovations through publications, attendance of seminars, contact with persons of equivalent positions in similar organizations, and other educational opportunities and communicates such information to the GBHS Board of Directors and employees and volunteers of GBHS.
    • Provides the best possible humane care and treatment of all animals.


Know How

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from an accredited university; Must be currently licensed in the State of Alabama to practice veterinary medicine; Must provide current DEA license.  Motivated to assist and instruct in all areas of animal care; minimal computer skills; meets minimum general requirements for GBHS employment as set forth in GBHS employee handbook.

Physical Requirements

Ability to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds; ability to sit, stand, walk, reach, twist, turn kneel, bend, and stoop; ability to work well in a team environment; ability to work weekends and evenings and be on-call as necessary; meets minimum general requirements for GBHS employment as set forth in GBHS employee handbook.


Christie Williamson

Human Resources Department

Greater Birmingham Humane Society

300 Snow Drive

Birmingham, AL  35209

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