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A new, unique country hospital in the suburbs of Los Angeles and in the midst of film animal ranches is searching for an entry level veterinarian interested in working with ALL ANIMALS. We work with large and small exotics and are affiliated with many high profile sanctuaries and rescues. We have one of the leading exotic/zoo/aquatic doctors in the world on staff and are seeking an energetic new grad that is ready to handle everything from goats to tigers.  We are starting our own wildlife rehabilitation facility while working closely with several established facilities.  This opportunity is in Acton, California, a small horse community in the suburbs of Los Angeles County where you can ride your horse to the local restaurant.  This is a great place to raise a family but it is also only 50 miles from the beach in the summer and the mountains and snow in the winter.

We have ultrasound and x ray, surgery suite, laser and lots of room to expand.

We have a unique mix of celebrity clientele, human and animal.  We work closely with many nonprofit organizations and do a lot of high volume spays and neuters. We are still in the infant stages but growing rapidly. We are looking for someone who wants an extended family and wants to come in and learn about all animals. The whole area is very animal oriented and upper middle class with most people working in the LA area and the film/movie industry.  We also offer on site animal cremation. We would love to talk to anyone interested and share our amazing hospital with you. Be prepared to fall in love!

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Karina Thomas


Date Posted 12/20/2013 1:22 pm 
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