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The Found Animals Foundation (FAF) is a cutting edge non-profit organization managed by savvy business and science professionals focused on social entrepreneurship. We are a well-funded start-up organization that takes pride in bringing together great minds from diverse backgrounds in our mission to reduce shelter euthanasia in Los Angeles. Our culture and work environment set us apart from traditional non-profit start-ups and inspire our talented team to create innovative ideas and solutions to complex programs and initiatives.  Our animal-friendly, creative office suites are located on the west side of Los Angeles.
In 2008, the Foundation announced the Michelson Prize & Grants in Reproductive Biology (MPG) Program, consisting of a $25 million prize and $50 million in competitive research funding in pursuit of a single dose, safe and permanent non-surgical sterilant for cats and dogs.  The prize winning product will be taken through regulatory approval and commercialization by the Foundation and distributed to US shelters and international NGO’s. 
Job Purpose:

The Director of the MPG Program is responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing management of the Michelson  Prize & Grants in Reproductive Biology toward discovery of a single dose non-surgical sterilant in dogs and cats.  This person establishes outreach plans to biomedical research scientists, coordinates activities of the MPG Scientific Advisory Board in reviewing Letters of Intent and Proposals, and monitors research progress of grantees.  The Director of the MPG Program will oversee compliance with procedures for awarding the Michelson Prize, and will coordinate Foundation activities with federal regulation, commercialization and distribution of the successful product.  The person in this position reports to the Executive Director of the Foundation, has two staff members reporting to her/him, and works in close collaboration with the MPG Director of Scientific Research, the MPG Scientific Advisory Board, attorneys in the office of the General Counsel, and other staff members of the Foundation.


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