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Veterinarian, Franklin Co

Job Description

This position is critical to coordinate with the Department of Agriculture, state and local government, health departments, and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) on statewide wildlife disease surveillance and management efforts including chronic wasting disease, rabies, white nose syndrome, canine distemper, and avian influenza. This position leads investigations to identify potential and actual sources of infection and the most current methods to prevent and control infection; advises KDFWR and partner agencies in methods of disease detection, prevention, and control; conducts required "herd work" consisting of inspection of animals and other duties related to animal health; ensures proper disease testing procedures are followed; prepares records and reports; trains staff biologists on sample collection methods for surveillance and investigation of wildlife deaths; trains staff biologists in chemical immobilization of wildlife for emergencies and research; coordinates statewide wildlife disease surveillance and works with federal agencies on national surveillance efforts; conducts necropsies on wildlife that die of unknown causes; develops clear protocols or procedures with respect to the collection of sick, dying, or dead wildlife that includes guidance to staff and the public; develops decontamination protocols to be included with Scientific Collection Permits for both terrestrial and aquatic species; and develops relationships with local, state, and federal agencies to further the cause of wildlife disease prevention and control and zoonotic disease control.

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Date Posted 5/7/2014 4:31 pm 
Location Franklin County, KY 
Compensation Pay Grade 17 (MIN-MID) $46,907.28 - $62,144.64 yearly at 37.5 hour work week  
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