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  • Submit 1 ml of serum or heparinized plasma. Centrifuge blood as soon as possible after collection. Freeze sample and send it in an insulated container with frozen cold packs. Do not submit hemolyzed samples.

  • Insulin measurement is usually used in the diagnosis of an insulin secreting pancreatic (beta cell) tumor in dogs. Our recommended protocol is to fast the dog until the blood glucose falls below 70 mg/dl (ideally, below 60 mg/dl).

  • In a dog with a functional beta cell tumor, this should require less than 8 hours of fasting. Once glucose decreases to this level, blood should be taken for insulin assay and for an accurate glucose measurement.

  • Normal values. (in uU/ml)

Dog: 5-25

Beta cell tumor: above 25 uU/ml when glucose below 70 mg/dl





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