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Equine Podiatry

What We Do

Our equine veterinarians at Auburn University work closely with farriers and hoof trimmers from various backgrounds and schools of thought. Clients can bring their horses with foot problems to the clinic to be evaluated by our vet-hoof care professional teams or bring in their own hoof care professional for assistance with optimizing an individual hoof care protocol for their horse.

We work closely with Spencer Roy, MS, CJF who sets up a Stonewell shoeing station fully stocked with a complete line of steel, aluminum and custom made wood shoes as well as glues and impression materials. His state of the art equipment includes standard forge, drill press, welders, bandsaw and all needed supplies to customize your horses's shoeing needs for the current use and hoof pathology.

We also work closely with American Hoof Association certified hoof rehabilitation specialists, Pete Ramey and Alex Sperandeo. The approach taken by these specialists is to stimulate the hoof to become healthier and more able by trimming, exercise with padded hoof protection and dietary modifications. Details about some of our work with these groups can be found at

The goal of our podiatry program is to work with anyone seeking assistance to optimize the current soundness of their horse through the use of detailed lameness evaluation, radiography, ultrasound +/- MRI and a vet-hoof care professional team approach. We believe that a closely working relationship between the two professions yields the best results for the horse.

Podiatry Faculty

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