Equine Theriogenology

What We Do

Theriogenology conducts all aspects of assisted reproduction. Services include embryo transfer, management of the stallion and mare, diagnostic reproduction evaluations, breeding soundness, semen collection and shipment, and treatment of the sub-fertile mare and stallion. The center also stands stallions for  breeding to outside mares. 

In addition to a new breeding phantom, the center also offers FoAlert® – a birth monitoring system for mares. A transmitter activates a receiver through a silent radio signal when the mare begins to foal. The receiver then activates an autodialer and an alarm.

Also new is an endometrial biopsy service for referring veterinarians. After a slide is examined for scar tissue or inflammation, theriogenologists can offer feedback to the referring veterinarian regarding treatment and case management for that particular mare.

The Equine Reproduction Center also offers surrogate mares, or embryo transfer recipient mares. The center maintains a herd of mares that are part of the reproduction and teaching herd.

In addition, the center also stands several stallions which are available for breeding to client mares.

Clients, who are typically from the Southeast region, are benefitting from the updated and improved equipment which includes the new breeding phantom, a new computer-assisted sperm motility analyzer (CASA) system, and two ultrasound machines.

Our Team

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