Aime K. Johnson, DVM, DACT

Dr. Johnson graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2000.  She entered private practice in North Central Texas where she spent a majority of her time working with western and english performance horses, with a special interest in reproduction.  She left private practice to complete a six month neonatal internship at Marion DuPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg, Virginia in the Spring of 2005.  She then traveled to Texas A&M where she completed an Equine Theriogenology Residency.  She became board certified in the American College of Theriogenologists in August of 2007.  Dr. Johnson is currently an assistant professor at Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine and co-directs the Equine Reproduction Center.


Research Interests

My current research involves the development of improved methods for estrus suppression in mares.  We have investigated a human product and its efficacy for use in the equine species.  My clinical research focuses on improvement of fertility in subfertile stallions using advanced processing techniques. Lastly, I am also involved in perfecting advanced reproductive techniques including oocyte transfer.  We are in the process of developing a laparoscopic approach to placement of the oocyte into the recipient mare.  

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