Jennifer S. Taintor, DVM, MS, DACVIM


  • Master of Science in Biomedical Science
    Auburn University, Auburn, AL.
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
    Auburn University, Auburn, AL.
  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Science                
    Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

Professional Experience:

  • Assistant professor: Field Service
    Clinical Sciences, Auburn University
  • Visiting Assistant Professor: Equine Medicine
    Clinical Sciences, Auburn University.
  • Staff Veterinarian: CDC Equine Project
  • Veterinary Medical Officer: USDA
    Miami, FL
  • Large Animal Medicine Residency
    Auburn University
  • Associate Veterinarian: Manor Equine Hospital
    Monkton, Maryland

Research Interests

  • Equine Lameness
  • Equine Gastroenterology
  • Equine Infectious Disease

Currently I have developed a new model for acute synovitis through the injection of a natural agent that is consistent, short-lived, and results in no long-lasting detrimental effects. Using this model, we hope to clinically evaluate the efficacy of antimicrobials when immersed in an inflamed environment, and the effectiveness and longevity of pain medications, such as tildren, in the treatment of acute synovitis. 

Selected Publications

Christmann U, Livesey L, Taintor J, Waldridge B, Schumacher J, Grier b, Hite R. Lung Surfactant Function and Composition in Neonatal Foals and Adult Horses. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 20:1402-1407, 2006.

Taintor J, Schumacher J, DeGraves F. Comparison of amikacin concentrations in normal and inflamed joints of horses following intra-articular administration. Equine Veterinary Journal 38(2):189-191 (Feb), 2006.

Taintor J, Sartin EA, Waldridge BM, Schumacher J. Acute pancreatitis in a 3-day-old foal.  Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 20:210-212 (Jan-Feb), 2006.

Taintor J, Stewart A, Christman U, Beard D. What’s your diagnosis? Cecocolic intussusception.  Journal of the American Veterinary Association 225(12):1829-1830 (Dec 15), 2004.

Schumacher J, Livesey L, DeGraves FJ, Schumacher J, Schramme MC, Hathcock J, Taintor J, Gomez J. Effect of anaesthesia of the palmar digital nerves on proximal interphalangeal joint pain in the horse. Equine Veterinary Journal 36(5):409-414 (July), 2004.

Taintor J, Schumacher J, Hancock S, Crowe C, Livesey L. Treatment of conidiobolomycosis with fluconazole in two pregnant mares. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 18(3):363-364 (May-June), 2004.

Taintor J, Schumacher J, Schumacher J, Purohuit R, DeGraves F, Sartin E. Comparison of pressure in the corpus spongiosum penis during urination in geldings and stallions. Equine Veterinary Journal 36(4):362-364 (May), 2004.

Taintor J, Schumacher J, Newton J. Conidiobolomycosis in horses. Compendium Of Continuing Education 25(11):872-876 (Nov), 2003.

Waldridge BM, Holland M, Taintor J. What is your neurologic diagnosis? Stylohyoid bone fracture and possible petrous temporal bone fracture. Journal of the American Veterinary Association 222(5):587-589 (Mar 1), 2003.

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