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Kellye Joiner, DVM, PhD

Dr. Kellye Joiner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathobiology at Auburn University.  She received her DVM degree in 1998 and PhD degree in 2006 from AuburnUniversity.  Herpostgraduate residency and research training in avian diseases and veterinary pathology was completed under the direction of Dr. Frederic J. Hoerr.  Dr. Joiner’s doctoral research was recognized by the American Association of Avian Pathologist through the Reed Rumsey Student Award for the Advancement of Avian Medicine. 

Currently, Dr. Joiner teaches in the veterinary professional curriculum and serves as a collaborative research pathologist for several investigators.  Her interests in diagnostic pathology include avian, zoologic and wildlife diseases.


Research Interests

Dr. Joiner’s research focuses on genetic resistance or susceptibility to several common poultry diseases, including bacterial skeletal disease complex, chicken infectious anemia and infectious bronchitis.  Dr. Joiner is currently involved in collaborative efforts investigating the pathogenesis of infectious bronchitis virus in commercial chickens.  In addition, she serves as a study pathologist investigating protozoal diseases in cattle.

Selected Publications

Joiner, K.S., Hoerr, F.J., Ewald, S.J., van Santen, V.L., Wright, J.C., van Ginkel, F. and Toro, H., Pathogenesis of Infectious Bronchitis Virus in Vaccinated Chickens of Two Different MHC B Complex Genotypes.  Avian Diseases, 51: 2007.

Joiner, K.S., Ewald, S.J., Hoerr, F.J., van Santen, V.L., and Toro, H., Pathogenesis of Chicken Anemia Virus in Broiler Breeders of Different Major Histocompatibility B Complex Genotypes.  Avian Diseases, 49(4): 482-487, 2005.

Joiner, K.S., Hoerr, F.J., van Santen, E., and Ewald, S.J., The Avian Major Histocompatibility Complex Influences Bacterial Skeletal Disease in Broiler Breeder Chickens.  Veterinary Pathology 42 (3): 22-28, 2005.

Serena, A., Joiner, K. S., and Schumacher, J., Hemangiopericytoma in the Eyelid of a Horse.  Veterinary Pathology, 43 (4): 576-578, 2006.

van Santen, V.L., Joiner, K.S., Murray, C., Petrenko, N., Hoerr, F.J. and Toro, H., Pathogenesis of Chicken Anemia Virus: Comparison of the Oral versus the Intramuscular Routes of Infection. Avian Diseases 48: 494-504, 2004.

Spencer, J.A., Joiner, K.S., Hilton, C. D., Dubey, J.P.  Toivio-Kinnucan, M., Minc, J.K. and Blagburn, B.L., Disseminated toxoplasmosis in a captive ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta). Journal of Parasitology, 90 (4):  904-906, 2004.

van Santen, V.L., Kaltenboeck, B.,  Joiner, K.S., Macklin, K.S. and Norton, R.A.,  Real-time PCR-based serum neutralization test for detection and titration of neutralizing antibodies to chicken anemia virus.  Journal of Virological Methods 115: 123-135, 2004.

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