Richard C. Weiss, VMD, PHD

Dr. Richard C. Weiss, associate professor of pathobiology, earned the VMD degree in 1973 from the University of Pennsylvania and the PhD degree in 1981 from Cornell University. He was engaged in small animal practice for 3 years prior to completing a veterinary pathology residency and graduate studies at Cornell. After obtaining his PhD, Dr. Weiss was employed as a staff research scientist at Syntex Corporation from 1981-1984 and helped develop a vaccine against feline leukemia virus. Dr. Weiss joined the faculty at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985 as a joint appointee in the Department of Pathobiology and the Scott Ritchey Research Center where he established a research program in feline virus disease. He has over 50 publications in the area of feline virology and immunology and is recognized nationally for his expertise in studying feline infectious peritonitis. More recently, Dr. Weiss has focused on diagnostic pathology and teaching responsibilities in the Department of Pathobiology. Dr. Weiss is listed in Who’s Who in Veterinary Medicine.


Research Interests

My major emphasis has been in the area of viral pathogenesis, antiviral immunity, and treatment of feline viral diseases, particularly feline coronavirus and retrovirus infections (FIP, FeLV, FIV) with antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.

Selected Publications

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