About Our Dairy Service

The Dairy Service offers individual animal treatment and herd health consultation for dairy herds and calf raisers to local producers and to other clients.  Calving management, reproductive examinations, abdominal surgery are provided in the dairy hospital by faculty and residents with the assistance and participation of fourth year veterinary students. 

Farm visits allow an opportunity to evaluate management of commercial dairies and aid in design and implementation of health maintenance programs including nutrition, vaccination, mastitis control, milking equipment evaluation, and transition cow protocols. 

The College of Veterinary Medicine maintains a functioning, commercial dairy on the campus of the Food Animal Hospital.  In addition to providing a facility suitable for milking hospitalized cows, the dairy herd provides a teaching herd for the veterinary students during their senior year.  Auburn students are immersed in the dairy experience during their time on rotation, gaining hands on experience feeding and milking the dairy herd, caring for and managing the growing calves, and participating in the protocols used to breed the cows and heifers. 

Our Services

  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Examination and treatment of sick cows and calves
  • Reproductive evaluations
  • Vaccinations
  • Working with herdsmen to ensure overall herd health and maintenance

Our Team

Dr. Herris Maxwell

Dr. Benjamin Newcomer

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