Pathobiology Elective Courses

    • STAT 7010 EXPERIMENTAL STATISTICS II (3). LEC. 3. Pr.,STAT 7000. Advanced topics in experimental design: writing linear models for experiment-expected mean squares, variance components, nested designs, Latin Square Designs, split plot designs, ANOVA and multiple regression.
    • BCHE 7230 BIOCHEMISTRY OF MACROMOLECULES (3).LEG. 3. Pr., BCHE 7200 or departmental approval.  Advanced study of the structure of protein and nucleic acids: DNA replication, RNA transcription and protein synthesis.
    • VBMS 7450 SELECTED TOPICS IN GRADUATE EDUCATION RESEARCH (1). LEC. 1. Pr., departmental approval. Overview of research funding strategies, grant preparation, transfer of research technology and patents, research ethics, etc. Fall.
    • VBMS 7460 BACTERIAL PATHOGENESIS (3). LEG. 3. Pr., VBMS 7510 or BIOL 4520, and departmental approval. Molecular and cellular basis of virulence of bacterial pathogens of animals. Spring.
    • VBMS 7470 ADVANCED EPIDEMIOLOGY (3). LEC. 3. Pr., Introductory statistics course or departmental approval. Advanced epidemiological techniques and their application to disease research, clinical retrospective and prospective studies, and disease outbreak investigation. Spring.
    • VBMS 7480 METHODS IN IMMUNOLOGY (5). LEC. 1, LAB. 8. Pr., departmental approval. Theoretical concepts underlying immunological methods combined with practical hands-on immunological experimentation focused on application to research in the biological sciences. Fall.
    • VBMS 7490 DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES IN VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY (4).LEC. 1,LAB. 9. Pr., departmental approval. Techniques used in modern diagnostic microbiology laboratories.
    • VBMS 7530 EXPERIMENTAL TECHNIQUES IN MOLECULARAND CELL BIOLOGY (3). LEC. 2, LAB. 6. Nucleic acid detection/amplification/sequencing, protein/antibodychemistry, flow cytometry, photo/electron microscopy, fluorochromes, radioisotopes, centrifugation, cell/embryo culture. Fall odd years, Summer even years.
    • VBMS 7540 CURRENT TOPICS IN MOLECULAR VIROLOGY (3). LEC. 3. Pr., VBMS 7510, VBMS 7520, or departmental approval. Viral gene expression and evasion of host defense mechanisms. Fall.
    • VBMS 7640 MECHANISMS OF DISEASE (3). LEC. 3. Pr., VMED 5220 or equivalent, departmental approval. Disease lesions, processes, disorders; morphologic, molecularand genetic aspects of disease processes. Summer.
    • VBMS 7650 VETERINARY PROTOZOOLOGY ANDENTOMOLOGY (3). LEC.3. Pr., departmental approval. Current topics in immunology, physiology, molecular biology, pathogenicity, etc, of selected protozoa and arthropod parasites. Spring.
    • VBMS 7660 VETERINARY HELMINTHOLOGY (3). LEC. 3. Pr., departmental approval. Current topics in immunology, physiology, biochemistry, molecularbiology, epidemiology, and pathogenicity of selected helminth parasites. Summer.
    • VBMS 7670 PATHOLOGY PARASITIC DISEASES (3). LEC. 2,LAB. 2. Pr., VBMS 7560 and departmental approval. Gross and microscopic pathology of parasitic diseases of veterinary importance. Spring.
    • VBMS 7970 RESEARCH PROBLEMS IN BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES(1-5). RES. Pr., Faculty approval. Research problems for graduate students, under supervision of faculty, in a variety of specialized disciplines related to the biomedical sciences.
    • VBMS 8950 BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES SEMINAR (1). SEM. 1. Recent advances in biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology will be critically presented anddiscussed by graduate faculty and students.
    • VBMS 8990 RESEARCH AND DISSERTATION (1-10). DSR. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 10 credit hours.
    • 7220 PRINCIPLES OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR ENZYMOLOGY (3). LEG. 3. Pr., BCHE 6190, or CHEM 7210 or departmental approval. The principles of enzyme chemistry including the physical, chemical and catalytic properties of enzymes.
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