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Graduate Student Progress
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Date: 7/28/2009 10:12 am
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The procedures which must be followed to consummate master's or doctoral degree programs are listed in the Graduate School Bulletin. Progress can be monitored most effectively by frequent meetings between student and advisory committee. At least two meetings a year should be held to ensure that the advisory committee is well informed as to a student's progress, although a student can call a meeting of his/her advisory committee whenever he/she considers it to be desirable. Additionally, the advisory committee may require a student to prepare a report or take an examination whenever the committee considers it necessary to evaluate a student's progress.

If a graduate student is deemed to be making unsatisfactory progress toward his/her degree, he/she may be dropped from the Graduate School. The student's advisory committee must prepare statement of grievances and in a meeting with the student discuss these grievances and suggest steps necessary for remediation. The statement of grievances must have the unanimous support of all members of a student's advisory committee. The student will be warned that corrective measures must be taken within a specified time period or action will be initiated that could result in the student being dropped from the Graduate School.

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