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Seminar and Journal Club
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Oral presentations and critical examination of current literature are an integral part of academic life. In order to develop proficiency in these skills, a student will be expected to participate regularly in one or more journal clubs or specialty conferences consistent with his/her areas of interest.

All BMS MS and PhD students whose initial enrollment in the BMS program was Fall semester, 2001 or thereafter must average at least two scholarly presentations per year during their graduate training program. This requirement can be satisfied in many ways, such as presentations in departmental seminars, final thesis defense, and formal oral presentations at local, regional and national scientific meetings. The mechanisms for satisfying this requirement are determined by the student's advisor and advisory committee. Each year, a Presentation Requirement Form documenting the presentations must be submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies for inclusion in the student's file. These forms will serve to verify compliance in the process of clearance for graduation.

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