2012 Young Achiever Awards

Date: 4/17/2012 3:44 pm

The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine presented
the 2012 Young Achiever awards on April 13 during the 105th Annual Conference. 

The awards are given to one or more members of Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine class celebrating its tenth anniversary. Nominees are known for their accomplishments in veterinary medicine, their outstanding community service, and for their advancement of animal health.

Based on nominations, the awards committee of the college’s Alumni Advisory Council selected eight graduates from the class of 2002.  The recipients are: Sara Allstadt Frazier, Wendy Gwin, Benjamin Neat, Amy Myers, Soren Rodning, Kathryn Taylor, John Twehues, and Robyn Wilborn.

The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine presented the 2012 Young Achiever awards at the 105th Annual Conference on April 13 in Auburn.  Acting Dean Calvin Johnson (far left) and Alumni Advisory Council awards committee chair Dr. Sam Cartner of Birmingham (far right) are pictured with winners from the class of 2002.

Dr. Sara Allstadt Frazier 

Davis, California

Dr. Sara Allstadt Frazier is assistant professor of clinical medical oncology at U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in Davis, Calif. In addition to teaching veterinary students about oncology, Dr. Frazier has published five research articles relating to over $20,000 in research funding.

Dr. Frazier serves on the School of Veterinary Medicine Curriculum Committee and the Medical Oncology Teaching and Advising committee.  She is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in the specialty area of oncology.

Dr. Wendy Gwinn

Tampa, Florida

Dr. Wendy Gwin is a board-certified veterinary radiologist with BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa, Fla.  She currently reads images for 23 hospitals across the country, plays a key role in teaching rounds for interns and residents, and actively participates as a lecturer in a continuing education lecture series provided by BluePearl to local veterinarians.

Dr. Gwin completed her residency in diagnostic imaging/radiology at the University of Georgia receiving the Outstanding House Officer Award in 2006.  She fulfilled her internship with Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in Orlando.

Dr. Benjamin Neat 

Louisville, Kentucky

Since 2006 Dr. Benjamin Neat has served as a staff surgeon at Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists in Louisville, Ky.

Following graduation from Auburn in 2002, Dr. Neat fulfilled his internship in small medicine and surgery at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, Mass.  He completed his residency in small animal surgery at Ohio State University receiving a Master of Science degree in veterinary surgery.

Dr. Neat is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. 

Dr. Amy Carter Myers

Prattville, Alabama

Dr. Amy Carter Myers, who began as a mobile veterinarian, today owns River Region Veterinarian Services, a fully-functioning small animal clinic, in Prattville, Ala.  Dr. Myers began the city’s only 24-hour weekend emergency service.

A community volunteer, Dr. Myers has been involved with local organizations, including the Autauga County Humane Society.  She also helped provide emergency relief efforts following two tornadoes that struck the Prattville area.  

As part of Leadership Autauga County, Dr. Myers developed the idea for a dog park and spearheaded the project. rates Cooters Pond Dog Park in Prattville as one of the top ten off-leash dog parks in Alabama.

Dr. Soren Rodning

Auburn, Alabama

Dr. Soren Rodning is extension veterinarian and an assistant professor with the Auburn University College of Agriculture.  He recently served a year-long deployment in Afghanistan as part of the 358th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Services).

Board-certified in theriogenology, Dr. Rodning teaches veterinary students during food animal clinical rotations in Auburn’s Large Animal Teaching hospital.  He also serves Alabama’s livestock producers through his publications for the Cooperative Extension System, articles for the popular press, a monthly column for the Alabama Cattleman’s magazine, as well as journal manuscripts and research abstracts. 

Dr. Rodning also conducts an active research program with numerous projects related to livestock production, health, and disease.

Dr. Kathryn Taylor 

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Dr. Kathryn Taylor completed a one-year rotating internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston before returning to Auburn University to complete her residency in oncology. 

In 2006 Dr. Taylor joined the internal medicine team at Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant and North Charleston, S.C., becoming the area’s first veterinary oncologist.

Board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in oncology, Dr. Taylor has contributed to veterinary oncology through publications and multiple C.E. offerings in the southeast region.

Dr. John Twehues Jr.

Williamstown, Kentucky

After graduation Dr. John Twehues spent 5 years in private practice in Versailles, Ky., before joining his father’s practice in Williamstown.  In 2010 he purchased the practice from his father, 1978 Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine graduate Dr. John Twehues Sr.

Dr. Twehues, whose special interest is in orthopedic surgery, is today the sole owner and practitioner at the hospital.  As a volunteer, he contributes to many organizations in central and northern Kentucky including Ducks Unlimited, North American Great Pyrenees Rescue, trap-neuter-release programs, and Grant County Friends of the Shelter.  He also works with other shelters providing wellness protocols and surgeries.

Dr. Robyn Wilborn 

Auburn, Alabama

Following graduation in 2002 Dr. Robyn Wilborn moved to Kansas and worked as a private practitioner. She returned to Auburn entering a theriogenology residency and master’s degree program, and began a career in academic veterinary medicine.

In 2007 she became board-certified in theriogenlogy. During her residency, she conducted research on the role of the novel neuropeptide kisspeptin in equine reproduction. Today Dr. Wilborn serves as an assistant professor in Auburn’s Large Animal Teaching Hospital and as co-director of the Equine Reproduction Center.

Dr. Wilborn created and led an elective course for third-year veterinary students focusing on financial planning and management. She has been an adviser for Auburn’s Christian Veterinary Fellowship and she has taken students to South Dakota to serve Native American reservations.

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