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Auburn Graduate Captain Terri R. Clark is 10th Chief Veterinarian

Date: 10/10/2011 8:03 am

CAPT Terri R. Clark became the 10th Chief Veterinarian for the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) on October 1, 2011. She was selected by Surgeon General Regina Benjamin.

As chief veterinary officer, CAPT Clark is responsible for providing leadership and coordination of USPHS veterinary professional affairs for the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General and the Department of Health and Human Services. She also provides guidance and advice to the Surgeon General and the Veterinary Professional Advisory Committee on matters such as recruitment, retention, career development, and readiness of Public Health Service veterinarians.

CAPT Clark also serves as director of the Office of Animal Care and Use (OACU), Office of the Director, Office of Intramural Research at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. As OACU director, CAPT Clark serves as the principal advisor to the deputy director for intramural research on the NIH Intramural Animal Research Program (IARP) and is responsible for leading and implementing the NIH Intramural authority for compliance with all applicable federal and local laws, regulations, policies, and standards regarding the humane care and use of laboratory animals.

The NIH IARP is the world's largest biomedical research program whose mission is to conduct basic, applied, and clinical research to provide medical advances for the American and international public. By providing federal regulatory oversight, national accreditation standards, policy development, program liaison/consultation, and training for the NIH IARP, CAPT Clark and the Office of Animal Care and Use provide a critical and far reaching public health role and impact.

Meet the New Chief Veterinary Officer for the Veterinary Category

Captain Terri R. Clark

CAPT Clark has spent the past 11 years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service. She transferred to the United States Public Health Service in July 2000, spending most of her time at the Office of Animal Care and Use, now serving as director. Prior to joining the Public Health Service, CAPT Clark served in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps for 11 and a half years with tours of duty at various Army medical centers primarily heading programs in support of their biomedical research missions.

CAPT Clark received her Bachelor of Science degree in animal and dairy science in 1982 and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988 from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. During her years of Army service, CAPT Clark completed a four-year residency program in laboratory animal medicine and was boarded as a diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine in 1996.

CAPT Clark has served as the chair of the Veterinary Professional Advisory Committee (VPAC), two terms as a VPAC voting member, and on numerous commissioned corps subcommittees. She deployed to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in support of hurricane recovery efforts in 2005, and again in 2006, to the FEMA Gulf Recovery Office to assist with the State of Louisiana’s pet evacuation planning. She currently serves as coordinator of the animal resources team, one of nine emergency response teams for NIH’s emergency and disaster response Continuity of Operations.

CAPT Clark has been awarded numerous commissioned officer awards to include the U.S. Public Health Service Outstanding Service Medal and Commendation Medal, and the U.S. Army Meritorious Service Medal, Commendation Medal and Parachutist (Airborne) Badge.

CAPT Clark is married to Colonel Peter Schultheiss, U.S. Army Veterinary Corps.

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