Call for Nominations – Class of 2002 Young Achiever Awards

Date: 2/14/2012 4:45 pm

The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Young Achiever award is given to one or more members of the class celebrating its tenth anniversary. The class of 2002 holds its tenth-year alumni reunion on April 14 during Annual Conference in Auburn.

The deadline for nominating members of the class of 2002 is March 15. Nominees are known for their accomplishments in veterinary medicine, their outstanding community service, and for their advancement of animal health.

The Awards Committee of the Alumni Advisory Council reviews the nominations and selects the recipients who will be honored April 13 during opening session of Annual Conference. To nominate a member of the class of 2002, submit the information below by MARCH 15 to:


Three areas of eligibility:

  1. Academia
  2. Private Practice
  3. Other, Research, and Public Policy (including service in government, industry, and the military)

The candidate must be a D.V.M. graduate of Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The nominee should be known for accomplishments in veterinary medicine and/or have made an outstanding contribution to his or her community and the advancement of animal and human health in the ten years since graduation.

Documentation for Nomination

The six 2001 College of Veterinary Medicine graduates named Young Achievers for 2011 were Dr. Brandi Brunson, Dr. Misty Edmondson, Dr. Meredith Voyles, Dr. Troy Youngblood, Dr. Mark Freeman, and Dr. Dee Jones.

Class of 2002 Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

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