Dr. Daniel Scruggs Receives the El Toro Award for Excellence in Food Animal Medicine

Date: 4/16/2012 3:19 pm

AUBURN, Ala. – The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine has selected Daniel Scruggs, D.V.M., as the 2012 recipient of the El Toro Award for Excellence in Food Animal Medicine.  The award recognizes veterinarians, who through their contributions to food animal practice, organized veterinary medicine, high ideals, and dedication to the production of food animals, serve as role models for veterinary students.

“The criteria for this award were written for Dr. Dan Scruggs,” said Dr. Dwight Wolfe, a food animal professor in the college’s Large Animal Teaching Hospital who presented the award during the 105th Annual Conference held April 13 in Auburn.  “Dr. Scruggs is the epitome of a mentor.”

Dr. Scruggs earned his doctorate of veterinary medicine from Auburn University in 1984. After graduation, he practiced as a feedlot veterinarian before pursuing a veterinary pathology residency at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Scruggs is a veterinarian with the Beef Veterinary Operations team at Pfizer Animal Health.  He has been with Pfizer Animal Health since 2003. 

A diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, Dr. Scruggs has been involved in diagnostic pathology and production medicine for more than 25 years, focusing on beef and swine production medicine, and diagnostic pathology.

For the second year Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine and the Student Chapter of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners hosted the Pfizer Southeastern Student Food Animal Symposium. Dr. Scruggs is credited with helping create and manage the free weekend event designed for freshman through senior southeastern veterinary school students with interests in food animal medicine.

From 1991 to 2003, Dr. Scruggs was a member of the faculty at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine where he taught veterinary students in lectures and clinics. His duties included field services and herd health responsibilities with swine and stocker cattle.  Dr. Scruggs worked in the veterinary college’s Diagnostic Laboratory Services, a teaching, and research and development laboratory.

Dr. James G. Floyd Jr. established the El Toro Award at Auburn University in 1994 in memory of his father J.G. Floyd. Dr. Floyd’s intention was to recognize outstanding food animal veterinarians before veterinary students of all classes.

A major focus of the award is to provide opportunity for interaction between veterinary students and the recipient in hope of attracting students to food animal veterinary medicine.

The award is presented during Auburn’s annual veterinary conference. Selection criteria include outstanding service to the practice of food animal medicine, food animal production, organized veterinary medicine, and other exemplary service to the food animal industries. The philosophy, professionalism, and high moral character of the recipients make them role models for veterinary students with prospective careers in food animal practice. Preference is given to alumni of Auburn University and to residents of the Southeastern United States.

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