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Residency Criteria

For the purpose of assessing fees, applicants shall be classified as Alabama or non-Alabama students. (Contract students are treated as Alabama students.) Non-Alabama students are required to pay non-resident tuition. 

An Alabama student is a person who is a citizen of the United States, or a resident alien, and who has resided and had habitation, home and permanent abode in the State of Alabama for at least 12 months immediately preceding current registration. In applying this regulation, "applicant" means a person applying for admission to the institution, if applicant is married or 19 years of age, and financially independent. Otherwise, it shall mean parent(s), or legal guardian of the student. If the parents are divorced, residence will be determined by the residency of the parent to whom the court has granted custody.

No person who moves to Alabama for the primary purpose of attending college shall be considered to have demonstrated intent to establish domicile in the State of Alabama, and will generally not be considered eligible for classification as a resident student. For additional information or to ask specific questions, contact the Auburn University Registrars Office

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