Estimated Expenses

The estimated cost of attendance for a nine month academic year are outlined below.  Course fees are based on 20 semester hours per term.    Although modest, these budgets are seen as adequate for the typical student. However, your general spending habits will determine your actual expenses. 


AL/KY/WV Resident


Tuition & Fees



Books, Supplies & Ins.



Room & Board



Personal Expenses









Note: First-year students must purchase a tablet (notebook computer). The cost is currently $2,203.40.

Tablet Program

The College of Veterinary Medicine is focused on preparing its students for the future of veterinary medicine.  In addressing this goal, Auburn is committed to teaching students how to use information technology in the veterinary profession.  From digital radiography, electronic medical records, video conferencing, and digital microscopy, every facet of the veterinary profession relies on the use of information technology.

In 2010 we started a mandatory tablet program for all incoming freshman.  Students are trained to use these tablets starting day one of their education.  Course material is presented in electronic formats and students use the tablets in class to take notes, record lectures, and to collaborate with their peers.  As students enter their clinical rotations they will use the computers on the hospital floor to record observations, review diagnostic findings, gather medical information and to access our digital radiography system.

The college fully supports students as they adapt to a new way of learning and we are committed to teaching students that computer usage should become a natural part of their professional life.


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