Why Give?

All donations are tax deductible. Your donations help to support our continued research and education in the field of veterinary sports medicine. Great things have always been expected of those who strive to make a difference. For the past 15 years, great things have been expected of the Auburn University Veterinary Sports Medicine Program (AUVSMP), and we have consistently risen to the challenge. Our new challenge is to meet the research and educational demands of the future. Equine and canine sports have exploded in popularity in the past few years.  In addition, the use of animals to assist humans in working environments has also increased. The AUVSMP is one of the few programs in the country that is devoted to researching the needs of today’s athletic and working animals.  We are also dedicated to disseminate our research and expertise through various education programs and professional conferences.  To rise to the challenge of the future, we have taken a hard look at where we stand today and identified benchmarks we need to achieve to fulfill our vision. The resources needed to meet this challenge are significant. Because the AUVSMP is a soft money program, our goals can only be accomplished through private donations and grants.  

Your gifts will help us increase the health and optimize the performance of athletic and working animals. Whether you make a yearly gift, monthly gift, sponsor a study or include the AUVSMP in your estate, your gift goes directly to fund our program goals. We're working hard toward advancing the science of veterinary sports medicine and your gift can help us rise to the challenge. There are many ways to support us, please read below.

Reasons To Give


The AUVSMP has a strong history of expanding the knowledge of today’s and tomorrow’s veterinarians. We also have international recognition for educating owners, trainers, officials, and other associated personnel in the science of veterinary sports medicine. Our veterinary student organization has over 30 members. These students regularly participate in lectures, workshops, and local athletic and working animal events. Not only do we travel to various organizations, conferences, and meetings to disseminate our information, we also host an annual veterinary sports medicine symposium. To travel and lecture, and to host lectures, workshops, and conferences takes a great deal of money. Your gift to our education fund can help make this all possible in the future.


Operational Cost

 Our largest expense to date has been our day to day operational cost. We must fund salaries, benefits, office supplies, office equipment, the Athletic Dog Education Program, and various other costs. Without the support of private donations, the AUVSMP would not be able to conduct day to day operations. In addition, without your support the program cannot expand its personnel to increase research, education, and clinical practices in the exploding field of veterinary sports medicine.



To push the boundaries of our current knowledge we must conduct cutting edge research. Currently our research program has improved the health and welfare of athletic animals, working animals, and humans. For example, through specialized military and government research projects we have helped optimize the performance and safety of working dogs. This has lead to new ways of employing dogs to serve, protect, and save the lives of humans. This type of research and thought process would not have been possible without previous private donations for developmental research. Your donations can be applied towards new and/or existing areas of veterinary sports medicine research.


Wish List

  • The following list contains things that we need. Beside each item is a cost estimate. Note that these items can be purchased and donated to the program; they do not have to be cash donations. Items with an asterisk beside them are items that we would prefer cash donations to specifically purchase. These items contain specifications that we can only acquire from certain companies.

  • Add Personnel such as a Veterinarian, Post Doctorial Fellow, and Researchers (50,000-100,000 per employee per year) covers salary and benefits

  • Graduate Research Assistant (17,000 per year) covers stipend and tuition

  • Fund the Athletic Dog Education Program (40,000 per year)

  • *General Research Fund to Conduct Cutting Edge Research (unlimited)

  • Truck to Haul Dogs, Horses, and Lab Equipment for Field Research (10,000 – 25,000)

  • Dog Box Trailer (10,000)

  • *Thermal Imaging Camera (36,000)

  • *High Speed Cameras (7,000 – 18,000)

  • *Motion Analysis Software (7,000 – 30,000)

  • *Canine Treadmill (10,000)

  • *Portable Force Plate (7,500)

  • *Computers (1,500)

  • *Small Generator (700 - 1000)

  •   Frequent Flyer Miles and/or Assistance with Travel Cost

  • Gift Certificates to Office Depot, Office Max, Fry's, and Best Buy for Office Supplies and Computer Supplies

  • Gift Certificates to Lowes and Home Depot for Research Laboratory Supplies

  • *Multiple Protective Shipping/Traveling Cases for Equipment (70 – 250 each)

  • *Multiple Medical Travel and Field Bags (70 – 250 each)


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