A Computational Model to Estimate the Affect of Jockey Weight Variation on Structural Forces of the Racing Thoroughbred
Michael L. Peterson, Rick M. Arthur, & Craig Angle

Kinematic Evaluation of English and Western Style Equestrian Riders During Technical Movements
Craig Angle

Evaluating Equine Lameness: A Long Distance Diagnostic Tool
Craig Angle & Sherry Johnston  

Pre and post operative repair of experimentally induced cranial cruciate ligament injuries using the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy Proceedure and Lateral Sutures Method: A kinetic and kinematic analysis
A. J. Ballagas, R. D. Montgomery, R. A. Henderson, R. L., T. C. Angle

Limber Tail
T. C. Angle

The Effect of Height and Incline on Postural Stability: A Kinematics and Static Posturography Study.
L. Wade, B. Carnahan, W. Wiemar, J. Davis, T. C. Angle

An evaluation of kinematic alterations in the horse due to a medically induced lameness of the fetlock joint.
J. Schumacher, T. C. Angle, & S. Johnston

Angle of Lead Front Limb Impact Relative to the Race Track in the Greyhound
T. C. Angle,

High Speed Videography of Race Horse Hoof Impacts
T. C. Angle

The National Flat Coated Retriever Injury Surveillance Program.
T. C. Angle

Pre participation musculoskeletal exams in 56 agility dogs to determine musculoskeletal status prior to the athletic season.
T. C. Angle

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