Clinical studies are showing the benefits of applying human sports therapy to our Veterinary patients. By using such tools as the underwater treadmill (see video below), these animals have shown a quicker return to function. These results, as a well as the health and psychological benefits of therapeutic veterinary rehabilitation will benefit animals of all sporting and working breeds.

Core strengthening in phase II rehabilitation of a Labrador Retriever
Craig Angle

Rehabilitation Case Study: A 9 year old thoroughbred horse with right shoulder thoracic spine paraveterbral muscle pain and multiple trigger points.
Craig Angle, Sherry Johnston

Rehabilitation Program for a Sporting Dog Following Delayed Recovery from an ACL Repair
Sherry Johnston, Craig Angle, Kasey Singley, Tim Jones

Video: A Dog Walking in the Underwater Treadmill

Below is a video of a Retriever who is post ACL surgery walking in the underwater treadmill. Without the use of the treadmill this dog would not be able to support his own weight and would not be able to exercise. By controlling the level of water in the tank, we can control the amount of body weight the dog has to support on the injured leg. This allows the bones and muscles of the injured leg to exercise under minimal stress.

To view these videos you will need a high speed internet connection.

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