Research is a crucial component for the current and future enhancement of Athletic and Working Animals.  Athletic and working animals have benefited greatly from the research that our Veterinary Sports Medicine Program (VSMP) has conducted over the years.  Research would not and is not possible without the financial support from private donors and research grants.

We have been able to research various technologies, from human sports medicine and other scientific disciplines, and apply those technologies to increase performance and safety in the athletic dog and horse communities with financial support. We have employed technologies like thermography to help us understand metabolism, injuries, illnesses, and environmental stressors on athletic animals. In addition, we have been able to conduct many physiological, biomechanical, and environmental studies to determine the affects of such issues as environmental stress, anticipation stress, exercise stress, and recovery has on athletic animals in general. Other research projects have included studying training, nutrition, and kennel management programs for fox hounds, pointers, labrador retrievers, greyhounds, and sled dogs.

Financial help from our private donors has elevated the level of our analytical abilities. We can now use state of the art kinematic analysis, in the field and lab, to evaluate lameness and performance on all breeds of dogs and horses. This technology has led to the development of better clinical and field lameness evaluation techniques, surgical techniques, and it has enhanced rehabilitation techniques. In the future, this technology may lead to safer course designs, in all sports, due to a greater understanding of specific sports motions or skills. In addition, it may lead to new training protocols to improve performance. We continue to conduct cutting edge research for the benefit of the canine and equine athletes.

Other Explored Research Interests

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