Ann Marie O'Neill



Ann Marie O’Neill earned her PhD in Biomedical Science in 2006 from Auburn University, where her studies involved investigating polymorphism and disease resistance.  She has been working as a Post doctoral Fellow in the lab of Dr Bruce Smith since 2007.



Research Interests

  • Gene therapy vector for canine lymphoma - this work involves the development of a viral vector targeted to lymphoma cells
  • Cancer immunology - characterizing regulatory T cells and dendritic cells in the dog

Selected Publications

O'Neill, A.M., Livant, E.J and Ewald, S.J. Interferon-α Induced Inhibition of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus in Chicken Embryo Fibroblast Cultures Differing in Mx Genotype
Avian Diseases, in press.

Thacker EE, Nakayama M, Smith BF, Bird RC, Muminova Z, Strong T, Timares L, Korokhov N, O'Neill AM, de Gruijl TD, Glasgow JN, Tani K and Curiel DT (2009). A Genetically Engineered Adenovirus Vector Targeted to CD40 Mediates Transduction of Canine Dendritic Cells and Promotes Antigen-Specific Immune Responses In Vivo . Vaccine 27 (50): 7116-24

O'Neill AM, Livant EJ, Ewald SJ (2009). The chicken BF1 (classical MHC class I) gene shows evidence of selection for diversity in expression and in promoter and signal peptide regions. Immunogenetics 61(4):289-302.