Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr. B.J. Newcomer
    The Three Q's of Colostrum Management

    Auburn's Dr. Benjamin Newcomer on the Importance of Colostrum Management for Calves

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  • Sara Bordelon
    What is MMVD?

    Auburn Veterinary Cardiologist, Dr. Sara Bordelon On Myxomatous Mitral Valve Degeneration.

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  • Dr. Tekla Lee-Fowler
    Dr. Tekla Lee-Fowler on Toxoplasmosis

    What is it? How we come in contact with it, and how to reduce the risk.

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  • Przewalski's Foal
    First Wild Horse Species Born From Artificial Insemination

    Auburn Veterinarian, Dr. Aime Johnson collaborates to benefit species conservation in the Przewalski's (Cha-VAL-skee) horse .

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Current Projects at the Scott-Ritchey Research Center

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  3. Development of gene-based therapies for cancer

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