Dermatology Referral

Types of Cases  The dermatology service provides diagnostic and consultation services for diseases pertaining to skin. Diagnostic procedures performed by the dermatology service include skin biopsy, antigen sensitivity testing, microbial culture, and cytology.  The majority of consultations are provided on a outpatient basis. 
To Initiate a Referral Referring veterinarians should contact us at 334-844-4690 for available appointments or use the online referral form provided. 
To Refer an Emergency Case ASAP If a same day referral is required, the referring veterinarian should contact the appointment desk and indicate that a same day referral is requested.  You will be put in contact with the dermatology clinician on duty as soon as possible. 
What about work completed prior to referral? Specific diagnostics are not required prior to referral.  We do request that any records on previous and current treatments, response to those treatments, and any diagnostic results are sent to the AUSATH prior to or at the time of appointment. 
Important Owner Information About Referral The dermatological examination fee varies between $35-45.  Diagnostic procedures are determined at the time of the examination and fees will be discussed after the examination is completed.  Typical fees for an initial visit with the dermatology service are $75-$150.  The majority of the cases are treated as outpatient cases, however some cases require hospitalization.  Admission for the day in order to complete diagnostic procedures is a routine procedure.  Discharges usually occur in the afternoon prior to 4 PM CST. Clients should arrive with the expectation of spending the day. 

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