Payment for Emergiences

On admission, you will be provided with an estimate form for the cost of diagnostics and treatment of your animal.  Due to the nature of emergency cases, these estimates may only include the cost of the first 24 hours of treatment.  Stabilization after admission allows us to more accurately determine the severity of your horse’s illness and the length and cost of treatment for the entire stay.  On admission, you will be asked for a deposit of $600.  If the costs of treatment do not exceed the estimate, you will be provided a refund of the difference.  However, if the estimate we provide exceeds $2000, you will be asked for a deposit equal to half of the total estimated charges for treatment of your horse.

Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa or Mastercard.  Care Credit is also an option available to owners, pending approval by the Care Credit provider.  Please inquire about Care Credit applications at our admissions desk, or refer to the CareCredit website to apply online.  Auburn University does not currently provide a payment plan for our clients.

If your horse is insured, please contact your insurance provider immediately on admission of your horse.  Insurance companies do not pay Auburn University, but reimburse your expenses directly to you.  We will provide any necessary information to your provider to allow you to process your claim in a timely manner.

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