Research in this area is focused on understanding the normal variations that occur in the endocrine responses of horses in response to season and stress so that alterations during times of illness can be appropriately identified and treated. 

Allison Jean Stewart
My laboratory investigates the seasonal differences in diagnostic tests for endocrine disorders encountered in geriatric horses that will ultimately help define reference ranges for the use of these tests in our Endocrine Diagnostic Laboratory. We are also at the forefront of investigations to understand the dysfunction of stress hormones in critically ill horses and foals. I am also interested in electrolyte handling by horses, particularly the effects of magnesium supplementation on calcium status in horses. Magnesium infusions are used to treat head trauma, potentially fatal heart rhythm disturbances tetanus and dummy foals.

Dr. Stewart has been at Auburn for 8 years and has 15 book chapters, 30 peer reviewed manuscripts, 40 clinical proceedings, 15 lay publications and over 50 research presentations. She has received over 20 research grants totally $300,000.

Other researchers in endocrinology: Anne Wooldridge  

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