Research in this area is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries encountered by our equine athletes. By improving the quality of diagnosis and treatment of these types of injuries the horse can then return to what they love in a more timely fashion.

Fred Caldwell, DVM, DACVS: My current work involves the development of a novel desmitis/tendonitis model in the horse using a diode laser with a minimally invasive approach to the ligament or tendon. We hope to successfully validate this model and utilize it to evaluate regenerative medicine techniques such as mesenchymal stem cells and autologous conditioned serum therapy in horses.

Jennifer Taintor, DVM, MS, DACVIM: Currently I have developed a new model for acute synovitis through the injection of a natural agent that is consistent, short-lived, and results in no long-lasting detrimental effects. Using this model, we hope to clinically evaluate the efficacy of antimicrobials when immersed in an inflamed environment, and the effectiveness and longevity of pain medications, such as tildren, in the treatment of acute synovitis. We also are investigating the clinical value of pain medications in treatment of chronic arthritis and development of drug screening methods associated with their use in the equine athlete.

John Schumacher, DVM, MS, DACVIM: Although my research interests vary as a result of 30 years of involvement in equine medicine and surgery, my recent clinical research focus is equine lameness. Through my research endeavors, I have developed novel and refined diagnostic methods in equine lameness, specifically clinical application of diagnostic analgesia in the equine foot. Other investigations have included the modification of human orthopedic therapeutics to the horse, examination of the clinical efficacy of steroids and antibiotics within the joint, and investigation of innovative methods to improve wound healing.

John Schumacher has 30 years of research experience in equine medicine and surgery.

Other researchers in orthopedics: Amy MunstermanReid Hanson

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