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This area of research is focused on evaluating potential safe use and efficacy of antibiotics, pain medication, sedatives, and various other medications for use in our equine patients. It also investigates and develops alternative methods of drug delivery that would increase the efficacy of the drug and allow for safer and less frequent administration.

Sue Hudson Duran
, PhD, PharmD
, clinical pharmacist at Auburn University Large Animal Clinic. My current major interests are development of transdermal medications and vaccines that would lead to decreased systemic toxicity and ease of administration. Novel drug delivery mechanisms such as extended release polymers and nanoparticles are integral to these goals.  I am also interested in changes of medication pharmacokinetics, absorption and distribution, metabolism and clearance in diseased animals.  The goal of my research is to develop improved therapy and to improve understanding of drug absorption in all species, but particularly horses, llamas, cattle, dogs, and exotic animals. 

Sue Duran has been engaged in collaborative pharmacology and pharmacokinetic studies for 30 years.

Other researchers in pharmacology: Allison Stewart, Fred Caldwell, Jennifer Taintor, Hui-Chu Lin, Glen Sellers

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