What to Expect

When seeking out a veterinary care clinic you should be able to count on superior care and excellent service. The College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn has assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet or farm animal. 

Your Visit

It is best to arrive at least 20 minutes early in order to complete the necessary paperwork. You will be asked to complete a client information form upon your arrival to the hospital. Wait times may vary based on a variety of factors. It is best to plan on spending the entire day if your animal must undergo diagnostics or imaging before a health assessment can be made. Since many of our clients travel a significant distance, we make every attempt to perform all needed diagnostics and imaging, in order to develop the best treatment plan possible, and avoid unnecessary return trips. 

You will be taken to an examination room where members of our patient care team will meet with you and your pet. Many times this is a veterinary student under the supervision of a senior clinician or other senior member of the veterinary care team, which is composed of a veterinary student, a veterinary technician, an intern or resident and a senior clinician. 

Your pet’s medical history will be reviewed and followed by an initial physical examination. We will discuss your pet’s condition,  diagnostic and treatment options, and will provide you with an estimate of projected costs.

Hospitalization and Critical Care

After your pet’s initial examination, we may recommend hospitalization, either for additional diagnostic tests or specific treatment.  We have 24-hour staffing to provide optimum medical care and if you pet is critically ill, your pet  will be admitted to our intensive care unit.  During the time that your pet is with us, you will be notified immediately of any change in his or her condition.  For this  reason, it is important that we obtain appropriate contact information so that you may be reached at any time.

Visits While Your Pet is Hospitalized

If you wish to visit your pet while he or she is hospitalized, please make arrangements with your student or clinician. Visitation hour vary with each service. 

Going Home

The veterinarian responsible for your pet will make the necessary arrangements for discharge when your pet is ready to go home.  Written instructions will be provided to you.  If you experience any problems with your pet at home or have further questions, please call the attending veterinarian as soon as possible.  

Please be sure to provide us with the name of your family veterinarian so that he or she may be updated within 24 hours of admission and again at discharge.

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