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Residency Program

The section of radiology also sponsors a residency program accredited by the American College of Veterinary Radiology. Succesful completion of the residency program qualifies the resident for examination for Diplomate status by the ACVR. This is a 3 year program with goal of proficiency in diagnostic radiology, ultrasound and computed tomography in small and large animals along with instruction in nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, and radiation therapy. In addition to the clinical residency training the resident will also enroll in graduate school and pursue a Masters of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences.  Five Diplomates of the ACVR lead the program and, this along with the multiple imaging modalities available on site, have lead to a program which to date every resident that has finished the program has become a Diplomate of the ACVR. Several Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine graduates have completed residencies or are currently in residency programs. For more additional information on the residency program please visit the ACVR website (

Past Auburn University Radiology Residents

  1. Dr. JG Boring - 1970-1974 Diplomate ACVR
  2. Dr. R Roberts - 1973 (residency began at Texas A&M), Diplomate,ACVR
  3. Dr. CB Quick - 1974-1977, Diplomate ACVR
  4. Dr. WR Brawner, Jr - 1975-1978, Diplomate ACVR
  5. Dr. HT Byron - 1977- resigned position for private practice
  6. Dr. JT Hathcock - 1979-1982, Diplomate ACVR
  7. Dr. JA Hudson - 1983-1987, Diplomate ACVR
  8. Dr. JC Jones - 1990-1992, Diplomate ACVR
  9. Dr. CM Banfield - 1991-1993, Diplomate ACVR
  10. Dr. DK Baird - 1992-1994, Diplomate ACVR
  11. Dr. DM Beard - 1993-1996, Diplomate ACVR
  12. Dr. MA Blaik - 1997-2000, Diplomate ACVR
  13. Dr. J Amann - 2003 post residency (completed residency at Missouri), Diplomate ACVR
  14. Dr. M Wright - 2000-2003, Diplomate ACVR   
  15. Dr. G. Almond - 2002-2005, Diplomate ACVR 
  16. Dr. H. McCort - 2004-2007, Diplomate ACVR
  17. Dr. D. Wilson - 2004-2007, ACVR Board Eligible 

Auburn CVM graduates who completed or are currently in radiology residency programs:

  1. Gregg Boring, DACVR, Interim Dean Mississippi StateUniversity CVM
  2. Bill Brawner, DACVR, Professor Auburn University CVM
  3. Mike Thomas, DACVR, Associate Professor University of Illinois
  4. John Hathcock, DACVR, Professor Auburn UniversityCVM
  5. Glenn King, DACVR, private practice Gulf Coast Veterinary Oncology
  6. David Biller, DACVR, Professor Kansas State Univeristy SVM
  7. Greg Daniel, DACVR, Professor University of Tenneesee CVM
  8. Sofia Rockov Liles, DACVR
  9. Wendy Gwin, DACVR, private practice, Florida Veterinary Specialists







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