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Computed Tomography
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Date: 7/27/2009 10:48 am
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Computed tomography uses x rays to create cross-sectional images of area of the patient being evaluated. The contrast between tissues is greatly enhanced with computed tomography over the conventional x ray examination and there is no superimposition of tissues to create confusing shadows. Detail of the bony structures is greatly enhanced with computed tomography. Evaluation of the nasal passages and orbits as well as assessment of trauma to the skull and spinal canal are common examples of the use of computed tomography at Auburn. Many times computed tomography is also used to assess the spinal cord compression by disc protrusions or other lesions. Computed tomography images are also used to assess extent of disease and plan for radiation therapy in patients with cancer.  There is also a specially built table for our equine patients to evaluate the head and distal extremities.  The computed tomography images are linked to the central computer for storage and the images can be viewed hospital wide.

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